Friday, October 30, 2009

Update/Excuses/Photo dump

I should have known better than to challenge myself with that movie review thing. LOL I did pretty well up until this week... which is why I should have known better. Somebody, somewhere should have read that first blog post and then smacked me on the head and said something like, "HELLO??!!! It's OCTOBER?! REMEMBER?! One of the busiest months in your calender year. You are never going to be able to sit down to do that everyday!!! Who are you KIDDING?!" Someone should have... but no one did. Since this blog is still relatively new, and you all are just now getting to know me, I'll let you off the hook for not bringing my crazy notions to my own attention. BUT JUST THIS ONCE. OK? However, all of the rest of my friends are in for it. *Laughs*

ANYWAY, you might have noticed that I've been a little absent on the review front. This past week has been crazy. For the first few days I had this horrible sinus thing going on where my lymph nodes were all swollen and sore and I pretty much spent all of my time whining and feeling like I had been run over by a large truck. I hate when my sinuses get clogged and icky and junk because then I get that brain fuzz stuff and I can't concentrate on anything for a long period of time. Which is why I can't remember exactly which night it was that I made this chicken noodle soup. I remember it was good though and that there is still some in the fridge calling my name for lunch today.

The above picture is just to let you know how crazy I now am about this whole blogging thing. If you could have seen the look on the hubby's face when, in the middle of feeling craptacular, I took the time to set my dinner like this and take a picture of my soup, just for blogging purposes, you would be wondering how it is that I'm sitting here and not locked up in a nut house with people examining me through a tiny glass window. (BTW- I am so glad that my blog is not being reviewed by that Gourmet lady Tammie was talking about on her blog the other day, because if you haven't noticed, I am all about some run-on sentences. I suck at punctuation, and I'm dyslexic so sometimes even spell check can't help me... this blog is certainly NOT for grammar junkies.)

Anyway, we had promised the B that after preschool on Tuesday, we would all go to the fair. I'd like to point out that we promised this because I forgot that I had invited Hobs out for dinner before he had to travel up to B-ham for his bone marrow transplant (we are all VERY anxious and nervous about the whole deal); where he will have to stay pretty much throughout the entire holiday season. And of course, it was RAINING buckets when we all woke up tuesday morning. The rain had pretty much cleared up by that afternoon, leaving everything feeling sort of damp and muggy... kinda like when you pull a shirt of the dryer that hasn't QUITE finished drying yet and it's all warm and soggy and stuff? Yeah... like that.

So we had dinner with Hobs and wished him all the luck and love we could muster and then took the kids to the fair. I get excited about the fair EVERY year. It never fails.. and then we go and we give them our life's savings and EVERY year, I'm highly disappointed.

There's the waiting in line and being in the crowds. And no matter how hard I shield I always end up getting anxious and feeling like I'm being attacked: "That person is sad, That person is angry, That person is worried, This one is anxious, That one is sick...etc"

The rides are always dingy and dirty and scary looking and make noises that I'm SURE they aren't supposed to, and then I get all worried that I actually let my kid RIDE it.

There's the games where "everyone is a winner" only you find out AFTER you play that the prizes aren't the ones on display but the TINY ones jammed into a box you didn't even see before and all you can think is: "I can't believe I let my kid TOUCH that thing for a 2 inch bear!!!! I pretty much just paid them to give my kid GERMS!!!"

But the funnel cake is always good, as fried dough covered in sugar generally is. And somehow, when it's all said and done, the only part I can remember the following year...

is the lights.

Wednesday, we tried to play catch up on all of the laundry and dishes, and vacuuming and house stuff. Then I had to make snacks for B's halloween class party. I did this homemade cheddar chex mix type stuff which immediately required extra batches to be made: One for us, and one giant gallon zip lock bag full for Hobs to bring with him. Afterwards we carved pumpkins.
So far, I haven't missed a single halloween where we did this as a family and it's one of my favorite things. Tim and I met in high school art class and have been competing ever since, trying to out-do one another artistically. Needless to say, this has carried over into our pumpkin carving. Last year, he totally blew me out of the water when he pulled off a pirate ship. But, I totally left him and his Oogie Boogie in the dust this year with my Cheshire Cat.
I did the face above to represent Calvin's pumpkin, and Tim did the ghost for the B. She helped pull out all of the guts and pricked the pattern onto the pumpkin, then Tim did all the cutting. They are all now perched on our front steps because I'm seriously hoping to get some trick or treaters at our actual door this year. (more on that later)

Aside from all the feeling like crap, the running around, the fair, the pumpkin carving, the trying to reassure Hobs and ourselves, and so forth I've also been trying to catch up on all of the mail I'm trying to get out. If you are awaiting a package from me, just be a little patient, it probably won't get mailed until monday. I've also had to finish up Mister's and B's halloween costumes, and I have two bags and a dress to sew that I'm actually getting PAID for. Wow!

And so THAT'S why I haven't posted a movie review in the last couple of days! Whew... and if you have somehow barrelled on through and made it to the end of this blog, then lemme just say: Wow! You are such a dedicated reader! I am so sorry for boring the heck out of you! LOL


Nowheymama said...

Mmm... funnel caaaakee....

~Missy~ said...

LOL, I wasn't the least bit bored, I was comforted (figure that out)...nice to know I'm not the only one who's feeling like crud and still has all the balls in the air to juggle!! The soup looks yummy, I'm new to blogger as well and my hubby thinks I'm insane when I take the pics I do, I'm a HUGE fan of run on sentences myself, I like fairs just cause I get to eat funnel cake, I've forgotten the pumpkins this year other than the tiny one I let the nine year old paint...and I officially sound like a stalker, hehe..
Hang in there, it's bound to get better!!

Tammie said...

ok. you are off the hook for movie reviews. this time.

i love love love funnel cake.

we have a fall festival to go to this weekend. we will spend massive amounts of money to eat fried food with rednecks. sigh. but the kids love it.

i have two more days to blog and im out of ideas.....

Aleta said...

Well..... I GUESS with ALLLLLL that going on, it's understandable. Well, of course it is, this is bloggy land. We're all friends here. :) I'm just happy to read a post. Love, love, love the carnival lights picture. There's something magical about it. Cool pumpkin carvings!!