Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey, what do you know, An update!

As of today, our little Lena Bena Bobena is 3 months old. In the last month she has discovered that she has hands and they are probably the single most interesting thing happening in her life right now. In every picture we get of her she is studying her hands. She will wave them around in front of her own face for nearly an hour. She is smiling in response to our smiles and making those cute little baby gurgles and sounds. She can also do push ups now and will pop that darling little head up and look around. She loves tummy time, especially when we are enjoying it with her. She loves to be talked to. It really doesn't even matter what you're saying, she just thinks it's hilarious. She's already rolled over from her tummy to her back a couple of times but it's not happening consistently yet, though that could change by tomorrow.

Calvin is about 16 months old now and a right handful, for sure. He is now climbing all over the place. He figured out how to go up and down stairs, how to climb up onto the couch and back off again and he loves doing it over and over again. Lately, we call him CalvinBobPlunderPants because he is ALWAYS into something. He likes to pull out everything from the cabinets and sort through it. He loves to stack Lena's formula cans and blocks, but mostly the cans. He is also a little chatterbox these days. He just babbles on and on, and it's so stinking adorable. His new favorite things to say are "Whaizz dat?!" and "Whoizz dat?!" On the other hand, he has also developed quite the temper, which isn't cute in the least. Any time he's not getting his way or thinks we aren't getting the message he will let out this really aggravated sounding yell, like: "AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!" It's horrible. I think I would prefer crying to that noise. On the other, other hand (how many am I up to now?) he's learned how to give real kisses and LOVES giving them. He kisses me, Tim, NB, the baby, stuffed animals, his cars. It just melts my heart every time. He definitely keeps me back and forth on my toes. The stinker.

NB is still pretty much 95% sas. I think the week long break from school was good for her though, because her behavior and school work are both improved since they've been back at school this week. I'm still trying to keep the creative stimuli coming at home in hopes that it is helping. I made a felt board for the kids a couple of days ago and they have been at it nearly non-stop. Even Calvin gets how he is supposed to use it and will spend a good solid 1/2 hour peeling off the shapes and then sticking them back on. NB informed me today that they made hand print Santa Clauses at school today, so I'm excited about that too! NB had another dentist appointment today for a regular cleaning and then they removed one of her teeth that had an abscess. I think I was more nervous than she was, but she went back there all by herself like a big girl. They somehow numbed her jaw without the use of shots and she did just great. There was no whining, crying, or (thank God) biting, she just sat through it like a big girl. All of which makes me wonder why we were given the big run around through the out of town dentist office in the first place. Seriously, if you can numb the kid's jaw without shots why would anyone do it any other way??!! Why would give an adult a shot for that matter!? I'd much prefer the miracle gel stuff or whatever they used for her. Anyway, I'm just glad that's all over and done with.

In other news, my Grandpa passed away over the Thanksgiving break. My sister and I drove down to Nola for the wake and then back home all in the same day. Even though the circumstances were sad, it was good to see and reconnect with all of our relatives and I wish we'd been able to visit longer. I also wish I had brought the kids with me, but it just seemed like so much to travel that far with the two little ones. Hopefully we will be able to make it down for a more cheerful visit when they are a bit older.

Until next time! Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whatever Happened to Construction Paper Turkeys?

This is a post that is primarily about me and Nadi-B. She missed school today because we were supposed to be going to the dentist to have some cavities filled as well as a couple of teeth pulled. However there was some kind of mix-up in the scheduling so what ended up happening is that we got up at 4:30 am and drove for 2 hours to the nearest pediatric dentist to end up rescheduling.

Just to get this out of the way, I feel like a big fat failure as a Mom for NB's teeth having any cavities in the first place. I mean, it's not like we allow the child to consume obscene amounts of sweets or sodas. I would feel pretty confident that she doesn't get any more of those things than any normal kid. In fact, I would feel pretty confident saying that she probably gets less than what is "normal." The only thing I can figure is that we started letting her brush her own teeth a little too early on in the game and she just wasn't prepared to do a good job. I mean, at least these are her baby teeth, but it still makes me feel like when that dentist hygienist is looking at me she just sees words like: "Irresponsible Parent" or "Fail"

In any case, we drove all that way for nothing more than a frustrating hour spent alternating between waiting and explaining over and over again what we were supposed to be there for; followed by a few back and forth phone calls between Tim, myself, and NB's regular dentist. I *think* we finally have it all straightened out, but I'll know for sure when she goes for her cleaning in December.

We are still having issues with Nadia's behavior at school. I don't really know how to explain it. She's not behaving badly really. She just can't focus or be still or stop talking so much. She was doing really awesome for a good while, but all of a sudden over the last month or so, she just can't seem to concentrate on anything. Well... that's not entirely true.. it's like she can only focus on one thing. If she's concentrating on not talking or playing during class time then she isn't doing her work. If she's concentrating on doing her work, she's getting in trouble for silly behavior or playing during class time.

If she comes home from a bad day and we talk about it, the next day she does great, but every day after that she goes back to the same behavior. I am pretty much at my wits' end. I don't know what else to do, having exhausted all parenting things I can come up with, or approve of. It just seems not to sink in. I'm quite frankly, tired of having the same conversations every day.

And while I'm at it, I am also kind of bummed about her school's curriculum. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think it is AWESOME to see NB sounding out and reading words and so forth, but whatever happened to the fun stuff? When I was in kindergarten we were coloring pictures every day. At this time of year we were making construction paper turkeys and hand print turkeys to bring home to our moms. I was so looking forward to NB bringing home a turkey or a Popsicle stick reindeer to hang on the tree or SOMETHING for crying out loud! But all we ever get are worksheets, worksheets, worksheets. Do they even get to do things like that at school anymore? As far as I can tell, no.

I actually think that might be part of the problem with NB's behavior. There doesn't seem to be any time cut out in their day to create anything. She gets to draw on the back of her worksheets if she finishes on time, but other than that they haven't brought home a single art project of any kind. It makes me feel sad and even jipped on her part.

So today, after our nice road trip, and our nice lunch out, just us two; NB and I made a construction paper turkey. I have already started researching any and all holiday art projects I can find for us to do in the afternoons when she is home. I'm hoping that the creative stimulation might help curb her enthusiasm a little at school. I also have ONE more thing I'm going to try with her for behavior, and that's meditation.

I don't mean anything lengthy or structured or anything. Just simple transcendental meditation, which is simply sitting quietly with one's eyes closed for a short amount of time. I am thinking 5 minutes in the morning after waking up and 5 minutes in the evenings before bed. I'm going to do it with her. I think it will help her "practice" being still and calm and quiet, and that it will also teach her to still her constantly turning mind so she can focus better. I am excited to see how this will do with NB and with myself. In the meantime, we are making our own construction paper turkeys and popsicle reindeer.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mundane Update:

Wow! So things have finally slowed down enough that I can post a little mundane family update. Well... they aren't really slow at all, actually. I'm just forcing the time. The last few weeks I have been working part time at my favorite discount fabric store to fill in for one of their employees who got bit by a brown recluse. *shudder* Anyway, she is now back at work, even though she isn't quite at 100%, and I'm a little bummed. I really enjoyed filling in there. However, they are considering having me come in on Fridays from now on just to help out with their busiest day! I hope that works out because I really do/did LOVE working there.

Yesterday I hosted my very first Pampered Chef cooking show for a friend and it was AWESOME! We made homemade pizza, a cheese torta, and mini tirramissu cakes using all the fancy shmancy pampered chef gear. Then we got to eat the outcome while shopping. It was a fairly good/entertaining show and we did pretty well with the sales too which means more free stuff for me for hosting! Whaa-hoo! I'm so excited! Mom also ordered me a pizza stone for my birthday, so that's one thing I don't have to spend my free on.

Okay! Enough about me, moving on to the important people: the kids.

Lena is 2 months old, as of November 1st. She is all smiles these days and just today started rolling over from her tummy to her back! At her 2 month check up, she was a little over 8lbs. She is still small for her age, but since she's been small since birth, developmentally, she's right on track. Our pretty girl is somewhat of a miracle baby. At 2 months she already sleeps the majority of the night. Occasionally, she will get up once during the night, but about 5/7 nights of the week she will sleep the whole night. It's pretty awesome to say the least.

Calvin is getting bigger by the day! He is now 15 months. He is a little jabber box these days. Most of it is just cute baby jibberish, but there are a few words he's getting really good at. He now recognizes us in photos. He likes to point at NB's picture on the fireplace and say "Sisser?!" He also knows the baby, Daddy, and Momma. I think he also says "Papa," for my dad. He can also say "Uh oh," and "tank u!"

He is my little heart throb. I am so in love with this kid, I tell ya. He is so goofy and silly and sweet. Most of the time. He has a temper though when he isn't getting his way! But he is growing super fast it seems. It's already hard to imagine him as Lena sized.

And here's my other pretty girl! NB is modelling a dress I made her this past weekend. NB is just her own kind of person. She is doing well in school, but every day is a struggle for her to get a "smiley face." It's not that she's a bad kid, by any means. It's that she's over imaginative and sociable and silly, so her greatest offenses are often just forgetting herself and talking too much at times that are inappropriate. We've also been having a little issue with her rushing through her work so she can spend more time drawing kitty cats. NB is OBSESSED with cats. Her teacher sent me a message informing me that NB now insists on being called "Nadia Cat." *laughs* See what I mean about being her own person?

It has also become apparent that she is very sensitive. She gets it from her momma, so she comes by it honest. Yesterday she got her feelings hurt over a few other kids laughing at the name she calls her Gigi. Apparently "Gigi" sounds funny to a five year old, but NB thought they were making fun of her Gigi. So instead of doing her work, she spent her time making a necklace for her Gigi. Oh geeze! So that was a whole other discussion we had to have with her. Nothing is ever mundane or boring with NB around, that's for sure! My biggest challenge as a Mom has been to balance correcting her without crushing her spirit and individuality, which are the things I love in her.

My life is a Mom's life. But it's a happy one!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wabbit Season

This is an actual jar on an actual shelf, inside my actual house, and if I get one more phone call from one more political candidate for whatever.... I'm going to start putting people in it.
Let me explain how I feel about politics/politicians: I HATE them. I don't just hate this party or that party... I hate them all. I don't watch them on the news. I don't read about them in the paper. I don't listen to their pre-recorded phone calls. Ugh.. mostly this time of year, I just try to avoid them as much as possible.

Seriously?! Don't call my house, during dinner time, and chirp to me over the phone about your "traditional family values!" Really?! If you're such a stand-up family man how come you aren't at home, I dunno, eating dinner with your family? And why are you annoyingly interrupting other families' dinners? I don't want to take your stupid survey. I don't want to listen to your campaign. I just want you to shut-up, stop calling my house, and leave me alone so I can listen to my daughter describe the entire plot line of Marmaduke one more time, K?

OH! And what is with all you creepy politicians squatting outside of my house?! This is no exaggeration: last week, I noticed a huge red SUV, emblazoned with posters and American flags, parked outside on the grass right in between my next door neighbor's yard and my own. It, and the guy inside of it, sat out there for 30 minutes. Just sat there, staring at our houses. It was right at the time I always go pick up NB from school. He sat there and watched me as I carted Calvin out, strapped him into his car seat, came back inside, grabbed the baby, strapped her into her seat, came back inside, grabbed my purse and my keys, and as I'm trying to sit down in my car, he GETS OUT and walks over to my WINDOW and starts tapping the glass trying to hand me a damned political pamphlet!!!! The old man is lucky I didn't run him over with my car. He is lucky all he got was a slammed car door in his face and a very blunt, "I don't have time for this now!!!!" before I quickly backed out of the driveway.

The very next night, I noticed, yet another car parked across the street facing our house. It and the man inside sat there for a good while. I noticed it when I was leaving to go pick up some dinner (dinner time, again). I had enough time to drive into town, wait in line for 15 minutes or so, stop at the grocery and get drinks, and drive back home, at which point he was STILL SITTING there. As I get out and start gathering up all of my grocery bags and such, he gets out and starts making his way over to my house. I could see the pamphlets out of the corner of my eye. It was like one of those horrific dreams you have where you are trying to run away from a monster and you just know you aren't going to make it. But I did, and I closed the door and locked it before he made it halfway across our yard. He must have knocked on the door a good 5 times before he gave up and realized that even though we were in there, we weren't going to answer it. So he just shoved his pamphlet into the door and FINALLY left.

The next time I see some creepy politician perched out on the street I'm calling the police and reporting them for loitering. Even if nothing comes of it, maybe they will at least move along.
It's politician season, folks. And the little buggers are everywhere!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Costume Photo Dump!

So. Every year, I have the same grand idea: I will MAKE the kids' costumes! They will be awesome and better than store bought crap costumes that are way overpriced! I will get lots of cute photos!!

And every year: I FAIL. Usually one of two things happen: I run out of time and energy to get them completed, OR I mess up the costume and am unable to fix it due to time constraints or there not being enough fabric to start over. And then I'm always rushing around trying to get out trick or treating and snapping crap pictures that barely show the crap costumes I had to run out and buy at the last minute. *sigh*

But this year?! I DID IT! I made 3 costumes! Three. Whole. Costumes. And they are all awesome (IMO). AND they all match a theme! Yay! AND! AND!! I got lots of super cute pictures! So here they are:

Here is Nadia, all decked out as the Cheshire Cat. I made her dress and her ears and did her make-up, but we bought the awesome pinky-purple hair.

This is my favorite photo of NB. Apparently, the trick to getting her to be all smiles for the camera is to paint her face like a cat! She would wear the make-up every day if I would let her.

Here is the Baby! She is the Queen of hearts, obviously. I like to imagine that in the above picture she has just said "Off with their heads... bleh" in a very bored tone.

I made her tutu, stenciled her onesie, and made her head poof. The center of it has a sparkly red heart, but it's kinda hard to see it in this picture.

And here is Calvin, giving ole' Johnny a run for his money! He is such a handsome Hatter!

I made his hat and his bow tie and vest. The rest is just a white shirt and black pants.

Like any toddler, he wasn't a big fan of leaving the hat on for very long and kept yanking it off, which is why Tim's hand is in the photos.

I don't believe I'm going to dress up this year myself. If I decide to, I have a closet full of things like peasant dresses, witches' hats, coin scarves, etc. But I'm really thinking I'm just going to enjoy the kids this year.

I am so proud of myself for completing these costumes! I even made costumes for OTHER PEOPLE'S kids! I made a Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked Witch of the East, and Dorothy costume set for three little girls, a Tinkerbell tutu for my niece, and a purple fairy tutu for my other niece. I don't have any pics of them in their costumes yet though.

So what you doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Going trick or treating? Staying in?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aplin Farms Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, Tim and I loaded up the kidlets and drove up to see my sister a couple of towns over. After meeting up with them for lunch at their place, we took a family trip over to Aplin Farms for their annual pumpkin patch. It was AWESOME. It was hands down the BEST pumpkin patch I've ever attended.

When you arrive, the very first thing you see is a huge produce pagoda where they sell pumpkins as well as other produce from their farm such as: apples, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, etc. You can buy pumpkins from that area, but it's much more fun to do the "You pick" pumpkins. They load several people onto these huge tractor-pulled wagons, and then drive you up into the fields where you can pick your own pumpkins, fresh from the fields.

One of their other features is that they also grow large fields of sunflowers! Which they let you pick: FOR FREE! They are SO pretty, but they start to wilt almost immediately after you pick them. We brought home a few and I have them in a vase now. I'm hoping they will start to perk up a little, so that we can enjoy them for a bit longer.

I took quite a few pictures of the sunflowers, but this one with the bee inside of it was my favorite. They also kept a few bee-hives on the farm as well and were selling jars of honey in the produce pagoda. I unfortunately didn't get any, but I'm definitely purchasing a jar next year!

I love this picture of our whole family coming back from the wagon ride. We rarely get any of these, since I'm usually the one behind the camera. There's me, holding Lena; Tim holding Calvin, and of course, NB who is not looking at the camera (typical) but is at least, smiling! I'm going to have this one blown up and framed for above the fireplace. Speaking of fires, another feature of Aplin Farms is that you can arrange to have a bonfire after dark on their property! We've already decided that next year we are going to plan it where more of the family can come so we can have a bonfire and smores after our day of pumpkin picking!

All around the front end of the farm, they have hay bales "dressed up" in costume! We saw spiders and pumpkin hay bales, but our personal favorites were these piggies. (that's my sister, Allie and her b/f's daughter, Haley).

There were also the obligatory "face in hole" photo opportunities, inflatable bouncy slides, a corn maze, reasonably price concessions, an animal barn or two, and train rides. Needless to say, we had an amazing afternoon followed by this:

on the way back to Allie and Jeff's. You can't see Lena because she is rear facing (we're legal that way), but she is having a screaming melt down too! Apparently wedging three tired, cranky, hungry kids into the back seat of a small vehicle brings out the worst in them! I can't WAIT until we get the new car. Only a couple more weeks!!! Anyway, we took them back to my sisters where she was gracious enough to cook all of us an awesome dinner, after which we headed back home. The kids slept most of the way on the home trip, except for the last 20 minutes, in which Calvin woke up and screamed the rest of the way home. I can't wait to go back next year! But, before I go, here is one more sunflower pic.

This one has a grass hopper on it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stoooopid Comment Thingy:

For some reason, a few of my comments have been disappearing after I hit "publish" and not posting to the blogs, so if you have commented recently and it hasn't shown up this is why.

So, HI BONNIE! I was so excited to hear from you and then stoooopid blogger ate your comment! You'll have to send me your email so we can catch up!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

All about Lena

~***** Warning! This post contains gross stuff like news on baby spit-up and poop is mentioned.*****~

* The other night she did this crazy little fluke thing where she slept through the entire night. She is only 6 weeks old, so as far as I know, sleeping through the night is unheard of for her age. We were kind of astounded, and I spent the morning hovering around her crib checking her breathing and nudging her every now and again to make sure she was ok. But, not to worry! It was only a fluke and hasn't happened since!

*Spit-up. Ohhhhhhh my! Lately it has seemed as though our little Beanah has been practicing for her upcoming role in the exorcist. I mean, I know babies spit up, it's what they do, but I'm beginning to become concerned that she isn't getting enough nutrition what with the constant spitting up and also: poop. I am thinking she might be lactose intolerant or at least lactose sensitive, so I'm going to talk to her doctor about it on Monday and see about switching her formula.

* Speaking of formula, how about that scary recall of Similac? I've been diligent about checking all of ours to make sure we didn't bring home any bad cans, but makes you nervous.

* Lena is so different from my first two children. Where they were BIG babies (9-6 and 8-8 respectively), she is small. Where they were chubby and dimpled, she is long and skinny. Where they had little fat feet with sausage toes and fingers, she has long skinny feet and fingers and toes. Her eyes are big and blue, just like my other two, but are shaped differently. I just can't seem to get enough of looking at her. While my other two weren't big fans of the sling, she is content to chill in there all day. She just has a different energy and personality all together. I am so interested to see her grow and develop.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ahh... Fall!

The leaves! The cool weather! The colors! The incessant coughing! Every year around this time, NB develops this horrible chest-y cough. It seems no matter what we do, we can't get rid of it. We've tried cough and cold stuff and allergy stuff. We've taken her to the doctor to see if it might be asthma since Tim has it, but even that trip proved worthless in defeating the cough. It has gotten to the point where yesterday she was having a bit of difficulty speaking, so back to the doctor we will go. Hopefully we can get her an appointment for this afternoon.

In other news, I feel like a complete jerk. Nadia has been chirping about popcorn at school for the last few weeks, and I had NO IDEA what she was going on about. It is sometimes really difficult to get information out of NB that makes sense, because you have to try to filter it through her 5 year old brain which is jammed packed with shiny things and unicorns and rainbows and happiness from what I can tell. I thought it might have been something that the school supplied for snack every once in awhile, so I tried sending snack money for a week or two. According to NB, all they ever gave for snack was chips and juice boxes and she was tired of eating the same things every day, so we went back to sending her snack from home. Then yesterday, I'm reading over the daily behavior report that they send home DAILY, and I notice in tiny print along the bottom "Kid's may bring popcorn money every Friday" or something along those lines. So now I feel like "jerk mom" because it's probably been there for weeks, and it's only $0.50, and I haven't sent any money, and she really, really wanted that popcorn. I sent the $0.50 today, but I still feel like a jerk. I hate for her to feel left out of things like that, and it's obvious from the way she asked about it before that she did. I apologized for my jerk-ness on the way to school this morning to which NB replied, "It's okay, Mommy!" and all was again right in the world.

In other news, Calvin did the sweetest thing a couple days ago. We had just gotten back from the store and Lena was crying to be fed. I propped her up in the boppy and went into the kitchen to fix her bottle. When I returned to living room, Calvin was crouched by her pillow and alternating between giving her big sloppy kisses and poking her in the face with his sippy cup. It was obvious he was trying to console her as well as share his milk with her. It was so sweet, my heart just melted. However, Lena was not impressed. All she got out of the idea was brother slobber and a face full of milk. I have to admit that sometimes I am surprised by the amount of empathy Calvin feels for her. Whenever she is upset or crying, he will come over to "pet" her and say "Ohhhhhhh."

I finally finished up all of the Halloween costumes and things people had ordered in the last few weeks. I am also all finished with NB's and Lena's costumes. We are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme this year with NB as the Cheshire cat, Lena as the queen of hearts, and Calvin as the Hatter (of course!). All I have left to finish Calvin's costume is to make his bow-tie. I can't wait to get a picture of them.

Other exciting news includes:

We're soon getting a new (not brand new, but new to us) car that will actually fit all of us comfortably and safely!

We're going to a big pumpkin patch this Sunday with my sisters and their kids and possibly some visiting relatives from New Orleans. There will be corn mazes and hay rides and a petting zoo and of course PUNKINS!!

I have a stack of fire wood to burn!

And that about wraps it up.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well... You can Hang that Up....

Yanno... when I was preggers and BORED and had NOTHING TO DO, it seemed as though all of you went on a blogging hiatus. Now that I'm bargaining for five minutes to sit down that the computer, you have all started posting bookoo blogs. Let's be honest. As much as I love reading about you guys and your lives and your kids.. I am NEVER going to get caught up on all of these blogs! Sheesh! So I'm thinking I'm just going to pick up on the latest ones you've posted and just keep going from there. Sorry. :(

Also........just out of curiosity, has anyone watched any of the new TLC series, "Sister Wives?" I am so intrigued! And not really in a "yeah I could see myself doing this" kind of way, just more like, "hunh???!!!!" kind of way, followed by daydreaming about having another person here every day helping me do laundry and make dinner and feed babies all day. Is there anyway to have a Sister Mom instead of a Sister wife. Because I really don't dig on sharing my hubs.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making No Promises

I haven't updated this poor blog in so long! I even have to admit that I haven't caught up on reading your blog posts either. Did you know that having 3 kids is kinda crazy? Especially when one is in kindergarten, one is a toddler, and the other one is an infant? Well, I'm telling you right now, IT'S CRAZY. I'm consider myself pretty lucky at this point if I get the opportunity to pee more than once a day. (did I just say that on the internet? You bet your bottom I did)

Here's the latest picture of our little Lena-Bean-ah. She is one month old and she HATES me for putting that silly flower on her head. Or she could be passing gas. She does that. A LOT.

Here's one where she could either be smiling or passing gas.

She is a really good baby. She sleeps fairly well at night and is awake and alert during a good part of the day. She is very expressive and Tim says she looks a lot like me! Especially when she is annoyed. I must agree. Her mad face looks a lot like mine!

NB is still doing fairly well in school. About 2 months ago, I thought I'd try my hand at making her some hair bows because we didn't have very many. NB likes to wear hair things, but it was difficult finding some to match her clothes and also? I didn't want to spend a fortune on bows when ribbon is fairly inexpensive.

Check out my handy work here. Oh, and you might notice NB's drastically shorter hair. I took her to get it TRIMMED and the lady butchered her hair. I seriously should have snapped a photo of the job she did. It looked like NB had done the job herself. I had to rush her to another salon to have them fix it so she wouldn't have to go to school looking all funk-i-fied. I was in hysterics, guys, but ya know, hair grows and she loves it, so I guess it's okay. And if you are wondering what that obscene ball of fluff is that she is holding, it's a webkin that her Aunt Barb sent her. ......... we THINK it's a cat.........we could be wrong.

Since NB has been wearing her new hair bows to school, her teacher has started sending home notes requesting me to make some for her little girl and sending notes to all of her friends with little girls. I have learned that just because I am not willing to spend tons of money on hair things, doesn't mean that other people aren't. These ladies have some serious obsession with hair things. BUT, it's actually turned into a nice little at home side business for me. So far be it from me to complain.

NB is already reading short words! She gets a new word list every week that she reads over every night for homework. There are about 12 words on each week's list. I can't believe she is already that far along! It's pretty neat though!

As for Calvin. He is just ALL boy. He is walking and starting to talk. He loves Lena. He will walk up to her and touch her very gently and say "Ohhhhhh Bay-bee! Ohhhhhhhhh." He is a little rotten stinker though. You can't leave any open cup or bottle laying around or he will grab it and start chugging frat boy style. The other morning I forgot and he finished off my diet pepsi in about 2 seconds.

In other news, the weather here has FINALLY started to reflect the season! To celebrate we had a bunch of friends out last night and I cooked up a big pot of gumbo. It was AWESOME. The first chance I get I am putting our fire pit to use. I already have a nice big stack of wood and limbs just waiting for me in the backyard.

I'm sure there is plenty I've left out as far as updating everything goes. I am going to try to blog more now that we are starting to settle a little more, but I'm not making any promises. I hope you all are well!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still Alive and Breathing

I just wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that I'm still alive and breathing. So are the kids. I will leave an actual, more detailed update on how things are going with the new little one and the other little one and the kindergartner as soon as I get to it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

We have Baby!! And You'll never guess what happened!!

We arrived at the hospital, bright and early at 5:30 am to begin the prep for the c-section. I was set up in a room, my IV was put in and we were minutes away from being rolled into the OR to begin the anesthesia when Dr. Bowen decided to do one final ultrasound.

Imagine our surprise! Lena had decided to flip over night!! She must have done so while I was sleeping because I don't remember feeling anything. I guess she decided that she didn't want surgery either, because she was miraculously head down, and I was dialated to 2.5 cm. Deciding that the opportunity was just too good to pass up, Dr. B had me transferred directly to a labor room and began the process of inducing labor instead.

By 10:30 am, I was to 4 cm, my water was broken, and my epidural was put in. We had a little bit of a scare after that when Lena's heartrate started to decrease with every contraction. The nurses repositioned me onto first one side and then the other to try and relieve some pressure from the umbillocal chord. The right side turned out to be the correct one, and for awhile we didn't have any more issues with her heartrate.

I napped through most of the afternoon, since due to the epidural I had little to no discomfort. By 4:45 pm, I was fully dialated and it was time to begin pushing. The nurse got all of her things set up, called in the Doctor, Tim came in, everything was ready to go!

We decided to push with the next contraction, so as soon as it started, I started. I pushed ONCE for literally 10-15 seconds, and there she was! After all of that stressing and worrying that she put me through the last nine months, one push and she was here!! Safe and sound and healthy!


Born Sept. 1st, 2010

6 lbs. 9 oz

20 1/2 inches long

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preggo Update!

Today I am 38 weeks and 2 days, and I had an exam scheduled with my dr. to see if it would be at all possible to induce before he takes off on his Alaskan ice fishing vacation on the 4th. By this point, I was really hoping to have already had to go in for labor anyhow, but things have been holding out in the "pretty damn miserable" stage for days now. I have been having some pretty intense contractions/braxton hicks for the last couple of days, so I was really hoping to hear some good news about the exam.

Once he started the exam, I could tell from the look on his face that whatever the news was, it wasn't going to be anything like the "Hey! You're 4 cm dialated and ready to go!!" news I had dreamed about. On top of which, it was kind of painful as I've been pretty swollen in the girly parts region. He finishes the exam, sighs, and then says, "You have a few wierd things going on, so I'm going to let you get dressed first, and then we'll talk." Gee... that sounds promising!

Apparently, aside from my cervix being no where near ready for labor (very high and barely 1 cm dialated), he could not feel any part of the baby whatsoever. She was not head down, or anywhere near the cervix area, and he couldn't determine her position. The ultrasound they did at 32 weeks had shown she was breech and that the placenta was low lying, though there was no previa. His concern was that the placenta may have moved lower, though he couldn't feel that either, and that the baby was still either breech, or transverse (the position she was in for all the other ultrasounds up until the 32 weeks one). At this point he pretty much told me that my chances of delivering vaginally were basically nill, but he was sending me over for another ultrasound just to be sure.

The ultrasound tech couldn't even find the placenta. She had to call in the doctor and have him show her. The baby is a wierd position. Her head is way up, almost in my rib cage on the right side. Her feet are up and even with her head on the left side, with her butt pointing straight down in the middle. So she's in this little "U" shape. The placenta isn't lower than her or blocking the cervix, it's far over the left exactly even with the baby.

I was then sent back to Dr. B's office where he presented me with 3 equally craptacular options.

Option 1: I could wait in hopes that she would decide to turn at the last minute, before labor, though hopefully not until after he returned from his trip in two weeks. The risks here would be that she would not turn and I could go into labor with a doctor who had no previous knowledge of the earlier complications we've had with this pregnancy. Also, if she didn't turn, I'd end up having to have a c-section in the end.

Option 2: We could try an external version to try and turn her. However, if he turned her, we would then need to induce labor rather than waiting for natural labor because waiting could mean she would simply re-posistion herself in the original or an even worse posistion for delivery. Of course, she could also turn durning the labor. On top of which, the condition my cervix is currently in, inducing labor would be nearly impossible and could cause even more complications and would probably end in a c-section.

Option 3: I could just go ahead an opt for the c-section. Of course, the risks here are all of the normal risks associated with c-sections.

I knew there was no way I was waiting. I would drive myself crazy with worry and in the end could end up waiting around stressing for nothing and have to have a c-section anyway. I was not interested in the version at all. From what I hear they are pretty painful and honestly, I felt like it would be a complete waste of time considering he would then have to induce and we had already determined that induction would be unlikely. So I opted to just go ahead and do the c-section. I honestly feel like this was going to be the end result no matter what I chose, so I figured we might as well go ahead and get it over with so I could stop stressing about it all. So my c-section is scheduled for 7:30 am tomorrow.

At least she is full term and not having to be taken early. Part of me is really relieved that it's almost all over and that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The other part of me is really stressed and worried. I've never had any kind of surgery before, so I'm naturally nervous. I know doctors do these sorts of things every day, but I don't.

So, anyway, wish me luck!! Tomorrow I go to have a baby!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

One year ago, today, our little viking was born! It's hard to believe he's a year old already! I'm not sure if being pregnant through most of this time has made it seem to pass faster than usual, or if time is just speeding up on me anyway. Either way, the last year seems to have flown by, and I feel like somehow I missed out on Calvin being a baby. Of course, in a lot of ways, he is still very much a baby. He still has all of that beautiful baby chub going on. But he is also walking all over the place now and beginning to communicate better and sometimes when I catch an eyeful of him acting all toddler-ish, I feel a little twinge of sadness.

Happy 1st Birthday Calvin! You are growing up too fast.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A couple of Book Reviews:

So, to pass the time away, how about a couple of book reviews? First up:

I'm a really big Terry Pratchett/Discworld fan, but even if you aren't, this is still a really awesome book. The sheer amount of information concerning myths, legends, folklore, their origins, etc. from our own world, that is in this book is baffling. I'm talking everything from the origins of English football to Santa Clause. If you like interesting factoids, you would probably really enjoy this book. I did. I more or less just piddled through it for about a month, and every time I would pick it up to read a chapter I'd find out something really interesting that I never knew before.

Next up is:

If we were scaling on a 1-5 basis, I'd have to give this book somewhere around 3.5-4. I really liked the IDEA behind the story. It's obviously a different version of the classic Alice in Wonderland but also so much more than that. This is supposedly the TRUE story of the real "Alyss" and the book Alice in Wonderland is actually somewhat of an insult to her "real life" story. Anyway. It has a kind of steam-punky vibe to it, which I enjoyed. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it seemed VERY rushed through. The author had all these really great ideas and concepts and I felt like he should have spent more time on them than he did. I didn't feel like there was ENOUGH story. It's the first book in a trilogy and I'm having a hard time getting into the second one. I kind of feel like he should of concentrated on fleshing out the first book more before trying to develop the series. You can almost feel him rushing through the writing to get to the next part. Meanwhile, he's leaving behind all of these really interesting tidbits that I wish he would tell his readers more about. So it was a good book, but it could have been GREAT. And that kind of sucks. *sighs*

Anyway. I'm still pregnant.

In other news, Calvin turns 1 year old tomorrow!! I can hardly believe it. Already. 1 whole year. *sniffles*

Friday, August 13, 2010


Somebody on Offsprung posted a link to this band and now I can't get enough. They have amazing original stuff and awesome covers. This is a cover of "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. Of course, I suppose it's all a matter of taste. This is the style of music I tend towards. Her voice is perfect for me to sing along with. Plus, she and the guy, Jack are really goofy and cute, which is just a bonus for me. Just thought I'd pass it along in case anybody actually shares my taste in music!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I have not felt "right" for the last couple of days. I don't know how to explain it, other than that:

"I just don't feel right."

"Something feels wierd."

"Something is OFF."

Some of it might have to do with the fact that I haven't gotten a decent night's rest in the last 3 nights. However, it's kind of a "chicken or the egg" situation in that I'm not sleeping well because I feel wierd and can't get comfortable, and also, I feel a little off from not sleeping well.

Last night I rolled around in bed for a good two hours unable to find a way to fall asleep comfortably. I had even taken a benadryl ANOTHER hour before lying down in hopes that I'd lay down while it started to work and zonk out regardless. Didn't. Happen. I don't know what time it was when I finally fell asleep, but I was up by 2 am and unable to fall back asleep. So I just rolled around and huffed until it was time to get up with the kids.

I can't focus or concentrate. I sit. I stand up. I walk around. I sit. I lay down. I get up. I flip through channels. I try to read blogs. I try to comment. I lose track of my thoughts and just start rambling on. I get up. I walk around. Etc.

I've also been whining about it to Tim and my friends the last couple of days too. I'm very flustered and well.....just.......I don't feel right. *sigh* So I thought I'd complain to you guys too.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Go here, Make This.

You won't regret it. Though, unless you are planning on hosting an army for dinner or have at least 4 kids, I would recommend halving the chicken, broth, and noodles. But leave the veggies and spices the same.

Also? I used dried egg noodles out of the bag, not the fancy shmancy kind she uses. And I also just used regular old black pepper. It was still yummalicious.

Super Quick Update:

So, the ultrasound report showed no Previa. YAY! The only thing that was interesting was that the baby is still in a breech position, but that's something I'm not really concerned about. If she doesn't turn before delivery then we will deal with that at the delivery.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Que Pasa

So here's what's up recently:

*I'm still cranky all the time. All. The. Time. This has a lot to do with why blogs have been scarce. I hate to just sit here and whine and complain, and that is pretty much all I feel like doing. My crankiness has now progressed to a whole new level which we will call the "Don't Touch Me!" level. It sucks. Moving on.

*Ultrasounds! I never thought I would get tired of them, now I hate them. I dread having to go in for the ultrasound hoopla. It means being touched AND smeared with sticky goo. Boo. It doesn't seem to help matters any that aside from one, all of them have been performed by the same tech. I can't believe she still checks my armband when I go in for them. She sees me at least once a month if not twice, and I know she recognizes me from the annoyed look she gets whenever she sees me. Hello. It's me again, Margret. *sigh* The ultrasound they did last month apparently showed that I had a low lying placenta, so Dr. B sent me back for yet another one. I had no idea what that meant, and the (apparently) mute tech didn't help me out any. I had the follow up ultrasound on Monday and all she did was click, click, click, measure, measure, measure. Momma mentioned that it's just possible she may not be allowed to talk to me about it. From what I could see, it looked like my placenta was pretty much right on top of the cervix. But what do I know? I'll have to wait to get the report from the Dr. on this coming up Tuesday.

*I googled "Low Lying Placenta" and then "Low Lying Placenta 3rd Trimester," and probably shouldn't have. Basically, if it's sitting too low it could possibly mean more bleeds in the next few weeks, and also its possible I will have no choice but to have a cesarean to deliver. Whoop. Ee. As if I haven't had enough to think about. I told you I shouldn't have googled it. Stay off of google.

*I'm 32 weeks and a few days. I now watch episodes of "I didn't know I was Pregnant" to torture myself. HOW?!! How do you NOT know you are pregnant? When the baby kicks, my belly MOVES. That is NOT gas! I try not to watch when Tim is home because he starts to look frightened when I begin yelling at the TV screen.

*Nadia starts school on August 9th. That is in roughly 2 1/2- 3 weeks. It seems obscenely early to me. At some point the school is supposed to send a letter with the name of her teacher, date of her orientation, and what time her bus will arrive and so forth. I don't think we're ready. I feel very unprepared and scatter brained.

*Calvin turns one year old on August 19th. I hope I don't go into labor on his birthday. Or worse.. before his birthday. We are planning a cook out with the family to celebrate his big year. I'm hoping all goes well.

*Momma is leaving town for my grandfather's 90th birthday at the end of August. I'm due September 12th. I am freaking out. Momma has been in the delivery room for both of my other children, and now I feel like I'm facing the possibilities of all this scary stuff and there is the other scary possibility that she won't be there. I should mention that Mom was pretty blown away and nervous about being in the delivery room for NB, her first grandchild. She kept saying, "But... I'm not good at this stuff! I didn't even want to see Ya'll being born!!" Despite that, she was awesome and she loved it, of course and has been in the room for all the other grandbabies. She likes to chit chat with the nurses about the grandbabies between contractions. I'm going to freak if I go into labor and she's in Lousianna.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I DID it! I DID It!!!

I FINALLY figured out how to make one of these pop-over, reversible, criss cross pinafore tops without using buttons or ties for the straps!!! I had finally given in and bought this pattern from Whimsy Coture on etsy, but aside from using her pattern pieces, I didn't get much out of it. She had some CRAZY instructions for how to make it using a side seam thing, that didn't make any sense to me. Even looking at the tutorial pics didn't help me one bit. I got really frustrated and probably swore some, and undoubtedly cried a lot. I was actually kind of angry that I finally broke down and bought the pattern and STILL couldn't make the top.
I went to sleep on it and then, suddenly, I had this idea. This wonderfully simple fantastic idea.

See, there is this shoulder bag tutorial that Tammie and I use all the time, that has a way to join the reversible straps without using a button or a tie. There really isn't a difference between the straps of the top and the straps of the purse, so obviously, I could just join them the same way. I ended up joining her pattern pieces to make one, seamless piece like this smockette. I cut one out of each fabric, and then sewed them right sides together, stopping about an inch away from each shoulder opening. I turned it inside out, pressed it, and then crossed the back and joined the straps using the method in the shoulder bag tutorial. Then I topstitched all around the top to finish it off.
I am so stinkin' excited!!! I love the one I made for NB for school this year. The retro fabric is my favorite, but I really like the orange side too. I think I'm going to have to make at least two more of these for the school year.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conversation With a 5 Year Old:

Me: "NB, stop growling at your brother!" (OK, seriously, does anyone else have to say this several times a day? Or is it just me?)

NB: "What will happen if I growl at him?"

Me: "It scares him, see?! Now he's all fussy."


Me: "NB, come back to the table and finish this milk! Don't waste it!"

NB: "What happens when you waste milk?"

Me: "It gets sour and smelly and then we have to throw it out."

NB: "Well, what happens when we throw it out?"

Me: "......It's wasted, and no one gets to drink it."


Me: "NB, it's time for bed, go brush your teeth."

NB: "What happens when we brush our teeth?"

Me: "...........*and then my brain explodes*...........

"What will Happen?" is NB's new favorite question of all time. She doesn't even mean it as a smart ass come back either. She genuinely wants to know what will happen when _________happens or doesn't happen. After hearing it about 50 times or more a day in response to everything I gets a bit frustrating.

This has been yet another conversation with a 5 year old.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waiting Game Randomness

* I realize I haven't posted an actual real post here in quite awhile; just random lists of updates. I'm 32 weeks now and the pregnancy has more or less just become a waiting game. Dr. B expects me to go in a little early (around 2-3 weeks early), and I'm beginning to agree with him. I feel so ... heavy. And slow. Things that usually take me no time at all to accomplish seem to take me forever and a day to do now. Mostly I just give up after a few minutes and then wander off to read or something.

* They finally put out the school supply lists for the upcoming year, so I snagged one at the store yesterday and decided to get some of that shopping out of the way. Do ya know that NB has to have 8, EIGHT boxes of crayons? She is supposed to bring 2 boxes of large 8 count crayons, 4 boxes of regular size 8 count crayons, and 2 boxes of regular sized 16 count crayons. Seriously? Not to mention 10 jumbo glue sticks. TEN?! She better come home with lots of art projects. That's all I'm sayin'. Me, being me, I bought a few extra boxes of markers and crayons (hello?! They are only $1!!!!) just to have at our house for coloring with. I will confess. This is my favorite time of year. I did manage to avoid buying school supplies like lined filler paper and notebooks that we definitely DO NOT need.... but it was hard.

* Remember when I talked a little about my facebook shop thing? I have been debating on whether or not I'm going to keep it going. On the one hand, I put a lot of work into it and setting it up and the photos all look really cute; so I hate to just yank it all down. On the other hand, I find I am just not very business oriented. I don't like trying to anticipate what people will buy. I don't like buying extra fabric for a particular item that then doesn't sell, or only one size will sell, so I'm left with lots of left overs. Not that I mind left over FABRIC. Shyah! I just can't figure out how long is long enough to leave that item available before I use the fabric for something else. I don't like when I'm buying fabric or sewing and NB wanders in and asks, "Is this for ME!???" And then I have to tell her no. When I started sewing, is was because it was something Momma did and I wanted to learn. So she taught me, and I sewed things for myself. When I started having my own kids, it seemed "made" clothing was super popular all of a sudden, and I knew I wanted to do that for my children. I really enjoy sewing for my children and for my home, and trying to keep a business mind frame while sewing is NO. FUN. Not for me, anyhow. I enjoy sewing for others: for friends and family, so I will still make things for others whether they pay me for them, or they act as gifts. I just don't have the energy it takes to run it like a business.

* NB has started swimming lessons this week. The child is terrified of water that is any deeper than her belly button, and more than anything, I just want for her to be comfortable in the water. I don't care if she becomes a master swimmer or anything. I told myself when this started that I would be happy if by the end of it she would at least play in the shallow end of the pool, off the steps, without having to cling to me or Tim. Yesterday was the first day, and after the first 15 minutes I was thinking it was probably going to take the whole 2 weeks for her to just get off the steps. Apparently, all it took was for my sister to hang her over the side (in the shallow end, now, don't get all upset) until she'd put her feet down. It scared her pretty bad and then any time she wandered over by the steps, my sis would threaten to hang her over the side again. After about another 10 minutes or so, she was great. She practiced her "bouncy ball" where they have them jump and down in the water. This is to show them that they aren't going to sink even if they aren't touching the bottom. She put her face in the water and blew bubbles. By the end of the hour, she would even kick all the way through the deep end to the ladder with one of the girls holding her hands. I was SO PROUD! She didn't want to leave when the hour was up. I was so happy that she was actually in the water and not freaking out that I'd be happy to just take that and go. We will go back today for day 2.

* Speaking of swimming, you would have died the first time you saw her kick. Instead of putting her feet out behind her, she tucked her legs up under her and kicked. She looked like she was riding an underwater bicycle. It was hilarious. I thought my sister and I were both going to die laughing. We laugh at our children in this's kind of hard not to, actually.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Conversation with a 5 year old:

Nadi-B approached me in my sewing room today and started kind of "dancing around." Only, not really dancing, more like just swinging her arms and legs around all sporadically like kids do when they talk.

NB- "Momma? Did you KNOW that there is ONE flower that is dangerous?!"

Me- "Mmmhmm.. really?"

NB- "Yeah! It's a FORMIS BEE TRAP!"

Me- "Oh? Is that anything like a Venus fly trap?"

NB- "No, it's a formis bee trap, and it's in the forest and when bees run out of time, they land on it and it SNAPS! (with a hand clap for emphasis) on the bee and.......IT EATS IT!!!"

Me- "Really?"

NB- "Yeah, they are really dangerous! So, we have to be careful when we are outside not to touch them. Like the bees. That run out of time. ...........

"Maybe I should write Elizabeth (her best friend) a letter and tell her about the Formis Bee Trap so she can warn her daddy not to touch them when he's hunting in the woods."

Me- "Ummm... I really don't think we have any Formis Bee Traps around this area, Nadia."

NB- "Yeeeaaaahhhh.... but just in case, I'll draw her a picture in the letter."

Me- "Okay..."

You have to admit: It's probably the scariest looking Formis Bee Trap you'll ever see. I think my favorite part is that it's apparently blooming from the same plant as that harmless looking yellow daisy there. And that bee??? He is running out of time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What I've Been Up To: Photo Dump

Recently, one of my friends convinced me to open up a "shop" of sorts on facebook. Basically all it is, is a page where I put up pics of things that I've made that I'd be willing to make for other people and/or their kids and then people comment on the photos saying they'd like to purchase one. They pay me through paypal, or if they are local, they come by the house and pay in cash or check when they pick up their items. I never thought it would go anywhere, but so far, I've had quite a few "customers." Heh... it feels weird saying that. I'm not swimming in teh mon-hay or anything, but I've had a steady-ish flow of about 2-3 orders per week. It's kinda neat! And not more than I can handle so that's cool.
Also, I'm mostly just exhausted and bitchy most of the time, so I've been very hermit-ish the last few weeks. I feel like a scum bag for not getting out to see my friends more or taking my kids to see theirs... but honestly just the thought of loading everything up in the car to go anywhere makes me want to hide under the covers in my room with the AC on sub zero and nap all day. .........not that I've done that recently.........more than once a day...........
The thing is, I'm tired all the time, and then when I try to nap or sleep at all for that matter, an idea will pop into my head and then I cannot sleep no matter what I do, until the idea has been realized. Completely. Not even with benadryl. So here's all the stuff I've been churning out when I should have been, but couldn't be, sleeping. At least most of it is stuff I can be proud of. In fact, everything pictured here has sold to at least one "customer" aside from the top I made for B out of some left over fabric I found.
Made this Birthday dress for a "customer"

Made some Minky Baby Loveys

Made this ruffled onesie for Baby Lena

Made these photo block/keepsakes. One for each of the kiddos.

Made a Top for B.

Made her a dress.

Made some clothes for other people

Friday, June 25, 2010

OW! OW! OW!!!!

I woke up this morning to terrible, "charlie-horse" type leg cramps in my right leg. The muscle would just sieze up and you could actually feel the leg heat up from it. I wasn't even doing anything! I was just laying there and BAM. Pain.

So ready for this baby.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I never win online blog giveaway things. Actually, I never win anything. Not even Bingo. But I entered this little give away over on Made anyway because I figured: "What the heck?" and also I have a hard time staying away from the home improvement scene. Seriously, if my television is on, 95% of the time it's on HGTV. I can spend hours of time in stores like Lowe's and having a semi-local IKEA would be like my dream come true.

BUT, I'm getting off topic, because I ACTUALLY WON!!!! I won a $100 gift card to LOWES!!! I am sooooo stoked. We have been working on the house little by little since we moved in, a little over 5 years ago, but have really been getting into it the last few weeks or so. We've been picking out new furniture for the kids' rooms. I have one really cute dresser set that my Papa made over for us before we moved in that will be going into the girls' room, but I need a dresser and bed set for the Boy-Bob. I will most likely spend the entire gift card and then some on paint since I'm planning on painting the little front room for the boy, and then the back larger room for the girls. The back room and hallway are both currently the same ugly pink beige as our bathroom USED to be, so both HAVE to be repainted.

This card could not have come at a better time. The last trimester for me is always full of "I've GOT to get this DONE. NOW!!!" and "Quick! We must throw EVERY THING AWAY!!" hormones to make way for the new baby, punctuated by crazy OCD cleaning fits involving toothbrushes, bleach, and corners. *shudders* Last year I bought new living room furniture. This year it's the kids' rooms that have been keeping me up at night with wheels turning non-stop. Also, this past year has been the first year that we haven't had someone or someone else's stuff staying at our house. It's the first year that we have TRULY LIVED in every room of our house, so I've been doing a lot of purging and re-organizing and furniture moving anyway. Seriously. Tim has taken apart and moved Calvin's crib about 4-5 times in the last year. And that's just moving it from room to room. That doesn't include me wheeling it from this side of the room to that side.

Remember, not that long ago, I had him move the boy out of Nadia's little room and into the back larger bedroom? And then I put up another crib for Baby Lena in the big room? Well, now I've changed my mind. AGAIN. And decided that with Nadia being in kindergarten in the fall, it will be easier to have the babies in separate rooms in case one needs to fuss a bit during nap time. That way they aren't waking each other up. SO. I'm moving Calvin's crib. Again. Into the little front room that he'll end up in eventually anyway, and putting the girls in the back room. We always co-sleep the new baby in our bedroom for the first 4-5 months anyway, or until they start sleeping for longer stretches of time, so I don't see that being a problem.

BUT! Anyway! I WON!!! I WON!!! WHoo-HOO!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Review: But Inside I'm Screaming

I just finished reading But Inside I'm Screaming by Elizabeth Flock, and I'm kind of undecided about it.

The book is about a TV news anchor named Isabelle who suffers a psychotic break on the air and ends up in a mental institution. Throughout the story you learn more about her history: her alcoholic no-show father, her physically abusive high school boy friend, her emotionally and physically abusive husband, her divorce, her job.

It's an interesting story, that much is certain. I guess I'm just unsure of whether or not I liked it because it was almost a little TOO real. I got sucked into Isabelle's story enough to be really unsettled by her experience with Electroshock therapy. Her disgust with and fear of the idea of undergoing that treatment when she hadn't even yet accepted there was anything wrong with her was palpable and disturbing. So, if realism is what the author was going for, I'd say she hit the nail on the head.

I'm also not pleased with the ending. I wanted more satisfaction from it. I wanted to read about her finalizing her divorce with her jerk of a husband. I wanted a "Then Isabelle walked off into the sunset" kind of ending. Instead the author ends it with her telling her group therapy com padres that she's leaving the next day. That's it. You have to take the rest on faith, and in truth it just kind made of me angry. Like, "What the heck did I just read all this for???? All this depressing and unsettling journey for nada? Nothing? GEEZE!"

At least I didn't chuck the book across the room, though that may just be from lack of the energy to actually do so. So yeah, that's what I think about this book. Humph.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I don't know what's been up with me lately, but my focus has been completely elsewhere and the last thing I've felt like doing for awhile has been blogging.

*Nadia has been doing pretty good with camp! She gets up in the mornings and rides the school bus just like a big girl. One thing is for certain, it is going to be an adjustment for her to get used to going every day. On the third day she missed the bus and Tim had to drive her to school. After that she has been more reluctant about the whole bus riding deal. However, considering that in September I will have a one year old boy and a brand new infant baby girl, loading everyone up to take her to school in the mornings is going to be a no-go, so we are definitely doing the bus ride. At least in the mornings. I really like her school. They do an art project every day. Every day she brings home some really cute project that she got to make and I know that she is enjoying the heck out of it.

*I'm enjoying her being at camp. Not that I don't love her to pieces; not that I don't miss her while she is gone. But, holy cow I can get a lot done because when Calvin naps, it's just me here and I don't have to come up with a zillion and one things to entertain Nadia's constantly running brain. I realize that when she actually starts kindergarten, what with the TWO babies, this little bit of quiet time I've been getting every morning (and AFTERNOON because when she gets home she has played so hard that she passes out!) will likely cease to exist. That's okay. I'm living it up now while I can.

*Baby Einstein ROCKS. They have these silly little puppets that don't even talk. They more or less just squeak. But they are cute in a baby way, not all creepy like some other puppets. And Calvin thinks they are the funniest thing on the face of the Earth. Every time they pop up on the screen he drops what he's doing and laughs and claps and bounces up and down until he's gasping for air. Even Nadia doesn't seem to mind them. She likes watching and copying them do the sign language for the different words and has already picked up quite a bit of it. It's pretty adorable, and these little 30 minute digi board books have become part of our wake up and night time routine. One after breakfast, and one after dinner and a bath. Awesome.

*It's HOT. It's HUMID. I'm pregnant and swollen and sweaty and uncomfortable, and, at this point? I've been pregnant for almost 2 years. I'm just ready to get this over with and have this baby. Not that I want to do the pre-term labor gig, which we are all kinda worried might happen. Dr. B seems pretty optimistic but he's already seeing me every two weeks (I'm 27 and 4 days along) and has ordered another diagnostic ultrasound in a couple of weeks just to keep an eye on things. I just frankly haven't been in the mood to be all smiley and "pregnancy is the most wonderful time in a woman's life!!" happy and junk. It's hard to be that way when your ankles slowly disappear up until lunch time, at which point they are officially gone and your toes are touching together. Also? I know there are some yellow box flip flop dislikers/haters out there, but I have to say that I am currently extremely grateful that my mom got me a pair. They are very cushy, and they are big. They are the ONLY pair of shoes that fit comfortably after about 11 am, the only pair that doesn't cut off the circulation further in my feet, and they still look "nice" enough that I don't feel like slob wearing them to the store.

*The huge gash I got on my hand/thumb last Monday is starting to close up and I can finally get through the day with out needing about 3-5 band aids. Dr. B and the nurse had a bit of freak out over at my check up today because they thought I was going to try and climb through the window. Apparently I haven't explained myself well enough. See, I was trying to reach THROUGH the window around to the lock on the door so I could WALK through it. I had no delusional thoughts about trying to crawl through this window. A)I know climbing and junk is bad for pregnant ladies. B)My currently round baby belly was never gonna fit through that hole.

That about sums up my last week or more. Even though I haven't been posting, I've still been trying to keep up with all of your blogs and goings-ons!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Another Monday Morning

Yeah... whatever. This monday morning was like the monday from Hell. For those of you keeping track, today was Nadia's first day of kindergarten preview/summer camp stuff and we had to get up early for her to catch the bus for the very first time! We were so excited that none of us slept at all last night! No, seriously. Nadia was up and down all night. The baby was up and down all night. So of course, was I, taking care of the kiddos. Tim was on night shifts, so he was up and working all night.

Nonetheless, we got up on time and things started out pretty well. Nadia was dressed with shoes tied and hair fixed in no time, and then insisted on waiting outside for the bus for the next 30 minutes. This was fine, as the baby was still sleeping (finally) in his crib. We headed outside and after about 5 minutes, I sent Nadia inside to get the camera so I could take some pics of her getting on the bus. On her way back out, she LOCKED. THE. DOOR. She locked it, with me outside, with the baby inside still in his crib. We have no hide-a-key because the first year we lived here we came home while someone was in the process of robbing us. For the same reason, we keep all the windows and doors locked up tight. Especially when Tim is on night shifts. So I had no way in and no phone.

I tried not to let my panic show because I really didn't want to ruin her big day by taking out my frustrations on her for an honest mistake. We all do it. It's a force of habit, but inside: I was FREAKING OUT. I set Nadia up on the front steps to wait for the bus and instructed her not to move and to yell for me if the bus should come while I was looking for a way in.

In the process of trying to open one of the firmly locked windows, I then, being a clumsy woman at the best of times, sliced open my hand, just on the back of my thumb. Not just a little slice, mind you, but a BIG ONE. So, now, I'm locked out of the house, the baby is locked in the house, Tim is still at least an hour and half out at work, I have no phone, and my hand is literally pouring blood down my shirt.

Allow me to pause and mention that Nadia FREAKS out and has hysterical fits over TINY paper cuts that look even the least bit red. If she spills so much as a spec of blood she is over the top and sobbing. Combine that with her having been VERY mommy clingy ever since the whole ER trip for the baby several months ago, and I knew that if she got one look at my hand there was no way I was getting her on that bus.

After saying several swear words and having a bit of a cry, I pulled my self together and started looking for some way to bind up my hand AND cover the blood that was now soaking the front of my shirt. Luckily there was an emergency beach towel still in the trunk of the car, so I wrapped a portion of it around my hand and started applying pressure. I used the rest of the towel to cover my shirt. She knew I had a "boo-boo" but since she couldn't see it, she was okay.

I kept my smiling brave face on until she was safely on the bus. As it turned to pull away, I saw her little face looking out at me from the window, just ever so concerned, and then she waved at me. I gave her a big smile, and waved back, but as soon as the bus was out of sight, I lost it. I'm talking big hiccuping panicked sobs.

After I had calmed down a bit, my across the street neighbor pulled in his driveway. I swallowed all of my pride and walked over to ask if I could maybe use the phone. Bless his heart, he took one look at me, and the mess that I was and even called the hubby FOR ME. I was surprised Tim answered the phone considering he rarely does if he doesn't recognize the number. Since Tim works around a lot of very noisy machinery, all he managed to make out was "wife is locked out. Needs to go to the hospital." My poor neighbor was pretty insistent that I was going to need stitches.

While Tim was panicking and racing home, my neighbor walked back over with me and tried for ten minutes to get into the house. By this time, the baby was awake and playing happily in his crib. When the man got to his windows, he got really excited and started bouncing up and down and shouting "Ba! Ba! BAahhhh!" at him with big two teeth smiles and everything. At least he was ok!

I was exhausted physically and emotionally so when Tim pulled in the driveway, I just came straight inside and cried some more in the bathroom. I cleaned up my hand and changed my clothes while Tim fed the baby breakfast. I called my mom and filled her in and then called my friend Beth and unloaded on her a bit more. After which, I was at least able to find humor in the whole ordeal and get through the rest of my morning.

Thankfully, I didn't end up needing stitches, though it was still a pretty nasty cut. My thumb is all wrapped up with gauze and paper tape, but otherwise in tact. I'm hoping that I didn't totally ruin Nadia's first day at camp and that she was able to forget the whole morning. She has a tendency to mull things over for awhile before reacting, so it's entirely possible that she doesn't get upset about it until later in the day.

I get to pick her up in a couple of hours, so we shall see! Also, Tim called in to work tonight, so at least I can take a much needed nap later on. *sigh* Also on the up side, at least now I can sleep easier while Tim is on night shifts since apparently the only way to get into our house when it's locked up is with a crow-bar or a key!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rules For My Sanity:

Over the last few years or so, I have come to realize that I have, at the least, a tiny case of OCD. I am fully aware and accepting of the fact that not everyone operates on the same level of crazy that I do, so allow me to present

The Laundry Edition:

Rule Number 1: If you aren't going to do things MY way, then please, for my sanity, DON'T do them.

This rule is pretty much the most important rule for my sanity. Period. There are some things that I can deal with as long as I don't watch. For example, I can't stand the way in which my husband makes sweet tea or kool-aid. As long as I don't watch, it doesn't bother me, but if I happen to catch him at it... it makes me twitch.

Laundry is not one of those things that I can just turn around and ignore while someone else is doing it. Your laundry? Do it how you want, but MY laundry? Ha.. that's a whole other story.

First of all: Do not wash laundry unless you plan on putting it through the drier. I would rather laundry get dried and not folded than to sit in the washing machine until I happen upon it and then have to RE WASH it because it got all yicky sitting in there. Washing a load of laundry is NOT the same as DOING the laundry.

Next, I have a certain way of folding things. All things must be folded to these specifications or I start twitching and get a head ache. I'm serious. I ALWAYS fold things the same way and it drives me crazy that after 5 years of watching me fold laundry and always finding his laundry folded in the same manner, that my hubs DOES NOT fold the same way I do.

Do NOT begin folding a load of laundry and then stop half-way through and pile it all back into the basket. Finish what you start or just leave it alone.

If the laundry is a load of towels then just DON'T. Just WALK AWAY. I will do it. I just RE-FOLDED an entire load of towels that the hubby "folded" and then re-folded every towel in both bathroom cabinets. I can't stand a sloppily folded towel. I just can't. It's a rectangle. It has corners and flat edges and for it to be slopped together is just intolerable. All towels should form a nice and neat square or rectangle once folded.

I fold towels in half short ways first, then long ways, then short to make a square. Hand towels get folded in half short ways, then long ways to make a rectangle. Bath cloths get folded into squares UNLESS it is a baby bath cloth. They are so small, they don't need folding. I just stack them into a neat pile. I do this EVERY TIME I fold towels. EVERY TIME. I stack them so that the rounded, folded seam is facing out, and if there are more than one of a certain color I stack them on top of each other. I told you, I like neat towels. I always divide the towels into the same stacks according to which bathrooms they go in. I put the SAME towels into the front bathroom EVERY TIME. I put the same towels into my bathroom every time. Based on what color they are. Our bathroom gets the neutrals. The front bathroom gets the bright kid colors.

BUT, no matter how many times I have shown the hubs my towel folding method, no matter how many times he has watched me do it, he still slops them all together. Long ways first and the corners all askew and cattywonkers. Folding up baby bath cloths into tiny little squares that won't stack. Shoving them into the cabinets any which way. Towels all in the wrong bathrooms.

And, also?! There is a difference between a wash cloth and a bath cloth. Wash cloths are what get used to wash things in the house. Like wiping down counters or tables, or for dusting, or for cleaning out bathroom sinks and tubs, for wiping up spills. Bath cloths are used for bathing one's body. If you cannot tell the difference between a bath cloth and a wash cloth, even after using them and pulling them from their respective places for years, just DON'T do the towels. PLEASE. I beg you, at least, not at my house anyway.

There is this one wash cloth in particular that keeps finding it's way into the bath cloths and the shower despite my having held it up numerous times and declaring it a WASH cloth. A DISH RAG. A PLEASE DON'T BATH YOURSELF WITH THIS THING!!!! So today I just tossed it. It's not worth the twitching and the headaches.

Now, as I mentioned, I understand that not every one operates at this same level of crazy. I am even able to see the humor in my worrying over such things. I get laughed at for it, and I can totally laugh at myself for it, so feel free to tease. I don't nag Tim to do the laundry and then bitch at him for not doing it right. He just has a tendency to be helpful and do things without my asking. I know, right? It's almost blasphemous to complain about such things, but all of this brings us back to rule number 1 for my sanity.

If you are not going to do things my way, then please just don't do them.