Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review #6

*Sigh*... can you guess what it is? I tried to put it off and wait to watch it, but I just couldn't stand it any longer. Practical Magic is by far one of my most FAVORITE movies of ALL TIME. It doesn't even have to be Halloween for me to watch this movie. I will watch it more than once a day, I will watch it when I'm sad, I will watch it when I'm happy, I will watch it alone, I will watch it with friends... I *heart* this movie with all of my heart.

See this ↑ house??? This is my dream house. I would kill for this house. Even if it was you living there, dear reader. Now isn't that scary?

But seriously, if this movie doesn't put you in the mood for some good ol' Halloween Witchy-ness, than you are completely hopeless. If after watching this movie you don't spend at least 15 minutes trying very hard to blow a candle on, then you just don't get the magic.

I cannot say how much I love this movie. I love that there is, indeed, a little witch in every woman. And that being said, I'm going to put a little lime in the coconut and curl up to watch it again. Cheers!


Nowheymama said...

I watched this movie once and barely remember it. Perhaps I should give it another try!

Not Hannah said...

Have you read the book? I love the movie, but separately from the book, which is lovely and wonderful. It's one of my favorite go to comfort books.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Hannah- YES! I love the book too. But you're right, separate from the movie because they just really aren't all that similar. I love the book because it's more about the little girls than the older two and the aunts.