Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Day

So today has been an awesome kick off to my birthday week. I was feeling quite a bit better this morning sinus wise. Still a bit snuffly but nothing so big as to slow me down too much.

I went and signed Nadi-B up for preschool this morning. She has been so disappointed about not getting to go to Kindergarten this year, that I thought we'd give this a try. Her friends, a set of twins named Robin and Drew, also go to this same preschool and their mom was telling me all about it. It's actually quite affordable too, so that was awesome. I went this morning to see if it was too late to register her and get her started. It wasn't. She starts on Thursday and from then on will go every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-1pm.

She is, of course, incredibly excited and keeps asking if it's time for her to go to school yet???? Meanwhile, I'm finding it hard to be equally as excited. When I went to register her this morning there was a kid from her future class sitting at the table just bawling his eyes out for his mother while the teacher tried to console him with promises of a returning mother after lunch. Lucky Mom.

I just know that when I bring her in on Thursday morning she will be shoving me out the door while I stand there tearing up over how independent she is and won't she even miss me a little??? Heck no, "BYE MOM! I can do this by myself! See ya!" I have already informed her teachers that this preschool thing is more of a warm-up for me than it is for her. I can do this, right? ......maybe.

Anyway, after the registration process we took Nadia out to let her pick out her new backpack and lunch box for school. How exciting! She loved every minute of that trip, that's for sure. One Tinkerbell lunch box- CHECK. One pink backpack- CHECK.

Mom met us at walmart and took Nadia to see the train museum and walk around the square to see the murals. Tim and I went to lunch with the baby at our favorite place, CJ's. I love their food and their atmosphere.

Then Tim went home with the baby and I went shopping for a few things for myself. Jess met up with me at Cato's where I bought new jeans, a jacket, and a shirt for me and one for Jess because she's special like that. *LOL* Then we went out for coffee at the Sugar Rush. NOTE- The Iced Vanilla Chai is like autumn in a cup. Delicious!!! We felt all posh and lady like "going out for coffee." And made a resolution to become "regulars."

So today was just a lovely afternoon. I got a few other things for Nadia to wear to school and some new stationary for me, and got to spend some time with Tim and my friend. It was super nice. Just what I needed.

So yeah, how was your day?


Tammie said...

ive been yelling all afternoon. my day wasnt nearly as good as yours! dammit.

really though your day sounds awesome. and congrats on raising an independent young gal. in the long run, that's what you want. although it sucks for you now. :)

Barefoot_Mommy said...

yelling! Oh my! I hope it wasn't as bad as all that.