Tuesday, October 20, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Reviews #19 & 20

So.. yeah... I missed a day. SO SUE ME! LOL Just kidding folks. But no, I really did miss a day yesterday but I had a head cold/sinus deal and went to bed early... so I hereby excuse me for yesterday. I will make it up right now by reviewing 2- COUNT EM- TWO movies.

Movie #1:

Okay, this was a "kid's" movie that came out very recently. We let the B go see it with my younger sister, Allie. She LOVED it.. with a big, huge puffy heart. She watched it with the 3-D glasses on the WHOLE time.. which is saying something because usually she just plays with them and watches the movie without them.

Now, I will say.. this movie was a little creepy.... even to me. There were parts where I got seriously creeped out... and the whole time B was just mesmerized. So I don't know if you want to let your kids watch it... that's up to you. My four year old just happens to be a bit on the strange side and likes the creepy.

Despite the creepy though, I did really enjoy this movie. I really like these kind of animated movies.... the ones that are a little on the dark side. They are perfect for Halloween movie watching.

Movie Review # 2:

The Covenant. Before Edward Cullen made the messy bed head look the new hotness, there were these guys. Not vampires, but warlocks. Warlocks with a legacy to be awesome and look really hot and dreamy while doing so! this is a pretty cheezy flick, with some fairly unrealistic scenes (i.e. the scene where all of the young, beautiful, super model, stick ladies walk around in their underwear.. cause right THAT happens everyday but at least it made the fireballs seem like less of a stretch), but I still like it. And I still watch it from time to time when I'm just in the mood for a supernatural fix.

So now I'm off to go get everything together for our company tonight. We are firing up the ...uh.. fire pit and logs and flames and such and having some spiked cider and hot chocolate and other yummy grown up fire treats. Yay!


Aleta said...

Thanks for the two reviews. I haven't seen either of them! I don't like creepy stuff like the first one sounds, but I'm game for it!

Karen said...

Is that TIM RIGGINS I see in the covenant???? If you don't watch friday night lights, excuse my hormonal gushing.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Karen- yes, yes it is Tim Riggins! LOL