Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 Days of Halloween

I *LOVE* October! Why? Because my birthday is in October for one. For two: Halloween is in October and I *LOVE* Halloween. In the words of the darling Lola: "It is my favorite, and my best." Something about October and Halloween always puts me in the mood for movies containing supernatural elements. So, for every day in October I will watch and review one movie in said genre. I warn you ahead of time that some of them will completely and unashamedly cheesy and I do not apologize for it.

So... Onwards and Sideways to

Day 1 of Halloween Movie Review:

Tonight the hubs and I rented and watched Shadow of the Vampire, with John Malkovich... and more importantly Eddie Izzard and Cary Elwes (Both actors I love).

The movie is about the making of the movie Nosferatu, in which the actor playing the Vampire is actually a vampire. In the movie you discover that the director knowingly hired the Vampire to play an actor playing a vampire and in return promises him actress Greta Schroeder as a meal.

Throughout the filming, crew members "mysteriously" disappear and in the end, nearly everyone is dead. Including the Vampire. ......

Or IS he?????


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But it's probably because I thought it was funny. And because of Eddie Izzard.. who was pretty funny. And of course Cary Elwes.....who was also funny.

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's "Halloween" movie review!


Daphne said...

That's a lot of movies! October is my favorite and 'best' too... looking forward to your reviews!

isellartprints said...

Cool idea to review spooky movies! I really enjoyed Shadow of the Vampire too. I thought that was a really creative idea for a movie. Have you seen the original Nosferatu? They used to play it at an old movie theater around here with live percussion each Halloween - very cool!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I have seen the original Nosferatu. It's still a pretty creepy movie for being so old.

Tammie said...

very cool idea.
i HATE spooky movies. im such a chicken wuss.
but this shadow of the vampire movie sounds kinda unique. is it really scary or more funny? i love eddie izzard and john malcovich.

i dont know much about nosferatu other than it was mentioned in an episode of spongebob once. i could win millions with my knowledge of spongebob trivia.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Tammie- It's not really scary at all, and you can take my word for it because I am a chicken wuss as well. Seriously.. I can't watch the Mummy by myself. *laughs* This movie was actually pretty cheesy and funny.

And P.S.- I know which episode of sponge bob you are referring to. LOL THE HASH SLINGING SLASHER!!!!

Tammie said...

ha ha ha so glad you know the episode!!! as i was typing out my comment i kept thinking this woman is going to think i have completely lost it

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LOL- spongebob is very popular at our house... and my mom's house, and my sister's house.