Sunday, October 18, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review #18

I really love this movie because you can watch it at Halloween and Christmas....

Or Easter, or on the great holiday known as Tuesday. It doesn't matter what day or holiday it is, this movie ALWAYS rocks.

However, for Halloween blogging purposes this movie fits because... hello... Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, Sally, The Oogie Boogie... lots of pumpkins, ghouls, and goblins... it's brimming over with the Halloween Goodness... there are even Halloween song and dance numbers. Gotta love that!

You have to admit that the Oogie Boogie is pretty creepy... even if he does put on an awesome show. In fact, his song is probably my favorite of all the songs in the movie. I have burned onto at least three cd's that I can think of right off hand. Probably more if I really thought about it.

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