Tuesday, October 13, 2009

General Updatedness:

So last week, the B had her first day of preschool and decided that she would indeed go back today. She seems to really enjoy it, and I'm glad for it, though I'm still adjusting to the major noise difference in the time that she is away. I have to turn the TV on for background noise just so the silence isn't so.. well... silent.

I decided that since she is now attending preschool twice a week that I would need to make her some new clothes. I've always wanted to be one of those mom's who makes cute little skirts and jumpers and things for her children to wear. Mom always did for us, which is how I learned to sew in the first place. So yesterday I headed out to Glen's to get some fabrics to work with. What is Glen's? Only the most awesome discount fabric store in our area. We don't really have many fabric store options around here. You can either go to Ted's Pharmacy (and fabric shop?) or the Singer store. Both have many options, but both are also VERY pricey. And then, there is Glen's. It's seriously a big one room store that is little more than a shack, but they have TONS of fabrics and they are all SUPER CHEAP.

Take this really cute pink panther fabric. Hancock Fabric online is selling it ON CLEARANCE for $10.49 a yard. It was originally $14.99 a yard. I got it at Glen's for $3.49 a yard. As they say in the World of Warcraft: "WEWT"

They sell beautiful pricey designer fabrics like Amy Butler fabric for $3.49 a yard. The other less pricey fabrics can go for anywhere from $0.89 to $2.99 a yard. I LOVE this store. I'm in there ALL the time.

Today while the B was at preschool I made her a little skirt and shirt ensemble to wear to the ZooBoo (Halloween at the zoo, haunted train ride, etc.) on Saturday. What I learned while making this outfit was 1)I stink, seriously bad, at applique, and 2)When all else fails, wing it.

I had never done an applique before so I thought I would start with a simple shape, like a square. Simple though the shape may be, I still had to rip stitches, and while doing so managed to put a hole in the shirt, which I then covered with another square patch. And then it looked lopsided... so I put one on the other side too. 3 hours and several swear words later, here is the finished outfit:

She looks so stinkin' cute in it, you'd never guess I screwed it up... or swore like sailor while doing so! Despite all the swearing, I think I'm going to make another one for my niece. The B's outfit used up pretty much the rest of the fabric I used to make this Halloween bag. But I have several more Halloween prints that I bought last year when our Wal-mart sold out and removed their fabric section. Somewhere I have a picture of me with my arms laden down with Halloween fabric grinning like the Cheshire cat with a sugar rush....oh yeah.. here it is! LOL

So there you have the updatedish-ness of what's been going on around here the last week or so. I now have to go pat the baby and hope he stays asleep long enough for me whip up something easy for dinner. (I.E.- pigs in a blanket + mac and cheese + green beans = dinner) Later Peeps


Tammie said...

ha! i love that picture.

i love the outfit. i do most of my swearing when sewing. the two go hand in hand.

im jealous of your glens. i have no place local to buy fabric. i like the designer stuff but usually wait until it goes on sale and then i get it from an etsy seller.

Karen said...

If that's what the results look like when you make a mistake, I cannot imagine how fabulous your work must be when you're perfect. Seriously cute.

Did you use some kind of double sided fusible web (heat n bond lite) to attach the applique to the shirt? If you don't, attaching a woven fabric to a knit fabric is a swear-fest.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Tammie- The two go hand in hand for me too. In fact, I do most of my swearing while sewing. LOL

Karen- I used heat-n-bond to attatch it first... it was still a swear-fest. LOL