Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas:

So... I was kinda bummed... because originally Tim and I were going to be steampunk air pirates for Halloween this year... but there is just NO WAY that I'm going to have time to do up a costume for me. Tim was able to find everything he wanted for his at a thrift shop... but to pull off something victorian-esque and steampunky for me would take sewing and patterns. not exactly something I can just wing... and after doing the babies' costumes I'm just not going to have time. So I was... yeah... bummed.


Tim and I came up with a whole different idea for our costumes after he *quite lovingly* decided to give up his dreams of steampunk air piracy in order to do matching costumes with me.

So what shall we be?

Tim is going to be a Monkey with a Gun, and I'm going to be a f**king Banana!

Please now enjoy this moment of Eddie Izzard stand-up which is the whole basis behind our costumes. *laughs* I'm SO STOKED!!!!

Clicky for Youtube Video


Tammie said...

you guys are both incredibly bizarre.

i love that quality in my friends.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

*laughs* Thanks Tammie! I take that as a compliment! LOL