Friday, October 16, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review #16

Okay, I know that this movie isn't very "scary" but it does have monsters in, yeah? And since we took the B out to see it tonight (so that I could see it on opening night), I'm going to review it for my 31 days of Halloween Blog Review.

First of all, I must mention that I love the story book and have for a very long time. I actually own a toy of "Carol" which is the name they give to the monster pictured above, that is still in the box, and that was bought long before they even decided to make a movie. I love Maurice Sendack's work.

The way the movie looked was amazingly beautiful and accurate. I loved the Wild Things. I thought the movie was very good, but separately from the book. The movie had a very bittersweet, almost downright SAD vibe going on. The background story they gave to Max and his mother worked for the story, I thought, for the movie. However, that being said, I always thought the book had a much more light-hearted, spirit of imagination sort of thing going on and it would have been nice to have a bit more of that feel in the movie.

Anyway, I still really enjoyed it regardless, and oh yeah, the B loved it as well. She has always loved the story, and since my checks are Where the Wild Things Are, she has been collecting them everytime we go to walmart. (they give them back to you now for some reason) She calls them and anything pertaining to the Wild Things, including the movie, "HER STORY," and if you throw it away she goes beserk. So she now has a collection of walmart printed, Wild Things used checks. (wierdo)

P.S> How to go to a movie on a budget:
tickets + small popcorn + 1 bag of m&m's = $20 (no exaggeration)

SO instead: Invest in a HUGE purse/bag...they are popular these days anyway. I got one in a lovely shade of purple on clearance today for $7.

Then BERORE going to the movie (or in my case, after you've already paid the $2.50 for the bag of popcorn it costs them $0.10 to make and the $1.50 for a bag of $0.50 m&m's and realize you don't have enough change for a drink, and you have to leave the theater...) GO to the grocery store/dollar store and buy 3, 20 oz sodas and 2 bags of candy for $4.00.

Shove the items into the huge purse. Go to movie.

It helps if you went to high school with the ticket booth manager so you don't get searched when you are obviously smuggling in "outside" food and drinks in your huge bag with suspicious looking bulges. LMAO

Now I'm about to head outside and enjoy a big fire in the fire pit since it's all cold with Jess and Roger who are bringing over a huge bottle of wine.


Daphne said...

I really want to see this. I have read that it's very melancholy, and I look forward to that very much! I love how it looks...

Tammie said...

i so want to see this. so does my hubs and both kids but we're debating on whether to take the girl or not. shes a loud mouth and i dont know if she could sit through a whole movie. a big candy smuggler.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Tammie, our B is a loud mouth too. LOL She does well sitting through a movie as long as it is one she really really wants to see.