Wednesday, October 14, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review #14

I caught a glimpse of Hellboy today while channel surfing and decided it would be an excellent movie to review for my "31 Days of Halloween" Blog fest. So I hunted down the DVD (I wasn't watching the TV one.. they always ruin it with editing) and popped it in.

The First Hellboy movie is just full of creepy, outlandish characters including the notorious Rasputin (his role in this movie is much more sinister as compared to his role in Anastasia.. just so you know.), and his lackey undead assassin, Kroenen.

I think my favorite character in the Hellboy movies is most definitely Abe. He's sort of a fishy type person that has the gift of empathy... or in other words, he can read people's emotions, thoughts, memories, even their health by way of his remarkably receptive palms.

I love this movie, and its sequel, which I will shamelessly be using for my blog review tomorrow night! So stay tuned!


Aleta said...

You're making me want to watch Hellboy again. Greg and I loved those shows. And I agree with you, the fish guy is cool!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LOL- there is nothing to be ashamed of when watching Hellboy. Or Hellboy 2. Both are awesome movies!! And the fish guy is in both of them! BONUS