Monday, October 5, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review #5

Remember when I mentioned that some of these would be unapologetically and unashamedly cheesy movies? Yeah... well....

So tonight after much debating what movie I would watch and review for my blog, and after not finding anything I wanted to watch... and after spending nearly all day in bed trying my hardest not to get a sinus infection (didn't work btw), I finally gave up and went to the gym.

As I was feeling all smug about beating the lady in the parking lot inside and snagging the best treadmill (heh heh heh), I started flipping through the channels and came across Halloween Town, a Disney channel "original" movie.

Now, I'm not sure the term "original" should really apply here folks. In the movie Marnie, a typical teenager is striving to stand out. She wants to stand out in the crowd, Mom wants her to be normal, they argue... enter Aggie, the eccentric and witchy grandmother who encourages Marnie to be a rebel.

The kids run away by hopping a magical bus that takes them to Halloween Town, a place where it's halloween all year round and werewolves are hairdressers and ghosts have fitness club memberships.

Soon the kids are drawn in to helping Aggie battle a demon who wants to take over the world (big surprise there) and who, as it turns out, is Mom's ex boyfriend. Talk about your evil ex's... am I right?

All in all....VERY SUPER CHEESY! But full of Halloween fun and good for mindless walking on a treadmill when having a sinus infection. In fact, adding in the sinus medication and general fuzziness... it could very well be considered funny... at some parts. LOL

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Tammie said...

ha! this sounds awful, in the best possible way.

i want a magic bus to take me away!!