Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn In Blue- Blog Giveaway

I needed a bag to carry all of my sheet music and large piano books back and forth to choir and such, so I pulled out this pretty blue and brown print fabric and sewed up a tote. It's so pretty, and I have so much left over fabric that I'm going to make another one just like it to give away!

This is a BIG bag. Big enough to hold items that are 12x12 and still have room to spare. It's reversible. The inside print is the brown polka dot fabric you see on the under side of the handle there. The straps are good and long so you can shoulder the bag if you choose. It's fully lined with heavy weight interfacing so it is nice and sturdy.

You can use it as a Green option shopping bag, as a purse, to lug around piano books... you know... whatever blows your skirt up.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this blog.

You get:

1 entry for being subscribed to my blog (either on myspace or blogger)

1 entry for reposting and linking

1 entry for commenting HERE on what your favorite thing about Autumn is.

This is open for one week, just like the Halloween Tote Bag giveaway. At the end of the week I put all of the entries into a random name generator, press ok, and the first name to pop up, wins the bag. I will then contact you for your address, if I don't already have it and send it your way! Hope you'll play along!


Tammie said...

oooh i want it. i was just thinking i wanted a new bag but dont feel like making one. plus i hate all the fabric i have right now.

Tammie said...

oh, my favorite thing about autumn is cooler weather!!!!

(and im a subscriber, as you know. :)

Nowheymama said...

1. I subscribe to your blog

2. I am commenting


Aleta said...

Too cool! I could so use this for my piano music! Love it! I"m already following your blog. I love this season because the cool crisp air makes me feel alive again. I crave it after the humid summers.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Thanks for entering guys!

Karen said...

I like autumn because of skirts w/tights!! And I like being less sweaty. Hooray for fall!

I just subscribed via google reader--hope that counts.

PS we are bag addicts in this house. Be an enabler!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LOL- gotchya karen!

Daphne said...

Oh, I love it. I definitely subscribe to your blog. My favorite thing about autumn is.. um, everything? Ok, let's go with cooler weather, colored leaves, and butternut squash. :)