Thursday, October 15, 2009

31 Days of Halloween: Movie Review #15

Usually, I don't go in much for sequels... but Hellboy 2 was AMAZING. In fact, I must say that I like it even more than I did the first movie. The main reason being that Guillermo Del Toro worked on this movie. He is the same man that worked magic on the Spanish film Pan's Labyrinth (another big time favorite).

Not only does Hellboy 2 have a fantastic story line, it's just ... wow... just to look at. I love the troll market scene, the fight with the forest god, and the scene where Hellboy meets his personal Death (a being, he doesn't die). The creatures that Del Toro creates for his films aren't just scary or creepy.. they are BEAUTIFUL. Each one is a piece of beautiful, strange art.

Also, I really love the way he did the elves. Prince Nuada is my particular favorite. His similarities to a beloved (personally) book character Drizzt Do Urden (forgotten Realms series) border on the uncanny.

So anyway, I love this movie. It's awesome. It's perfect. It's beautiful. Watch and Enjoy.


Aleta said...

I think you nailed the reason why I like the movie so much too - it IS artwork. Not just a story. It's so beautiful, you can't help but to get pulled into it!

Daphne said...

I thought I had seen this, but maybe not! I liked the first one a lot. Thanks for the reminder!