Thursday, April 1, 2010

How I'm Passing the Time:

So this is the latest way I've found to pass the time. After I took that henna class up in Michigan, I bought a box to take home with me. It's pretty much just been sitting in my suit case ever since, and to be honest, I had forgotten about it. Yesterday, while on the phone with Barb, she mentioned doing henna with her kids and I thought, Hey! I could do that while sitting in bed!!

So I broke out the box, mixed up my paste and set it aside to let it cure. Henna is a process, m'kay? It takes awhile. First you have to sift the powder. Then mix the paste. Then terp the paste. Then wait for it to cure and release dye. THEN you can whip it into a cone or squeegie and apply it.

I mixed the whole 50 g package... which apparently makes a TON of paste. I mean... like enough to henna a small elephant. I had been researching it a lot on the internet, so at least I know that if I keep it in the freezer, it will actually keep for a long time. All I have to do is defrost it as I'm ready to use it.

The above is my left hand. I henna'd it last night. I'm actually kind of satisfied with my paste. It came out pretty stretchy and smooth and sticky. It didn't skip like the paste I used in the class, and since it wasn't as grainy, it didn't crack and split as it dried either. I will still need to practice a good bit though to get better control of the cone thingy so that my patterns are a little more uniform.

I've been working on one of my feet today. Feet are much harder. At least MINE are anyway. It would probably be easier to do someone else's feet because then I could reach better and work closer like I do with my hands. Also, my feet are really narrow and bony, so the surface is a lot more irregular than the top or palm of my hand. Anyway, though, it's actually been a lot of fun.. and since it takes awhile, it's also helping me to pass the time satisfactorily.

I'm wanting to get a lot of practice in and get better at it so that hopefully in the future I can maybe set up a booth at some events or something to make a little extra cash now and then. Maybe I'll open my own small business out of the home and take clients. Since we live so close to the beach, and people love wearing Henna to the beach, maybe I could at least get decent business. Nothing to live off of mind you, but just a little extra now and then. But first... I'm going to need A LOT of practice so I can get really good.


Karen said...

That looks pretty great. You could definitely set up shop. Pregnant woman sometimes get their bellies hennaed for showers and photos, I think, so that's another thought.

Theresa said...

Thanks Karen! I'm looking forward to doing someone's pregnant belly. LOL just have to find a volunteer.