Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pillow Case Thing-a-ma-bob:

So, this was my first shot at the pillow-case top/dress thingy-doo-hickey. I've never made one before.. mostly because they aren't exactly my fave. I don't know.. they just tend to look unfinished for the most part. For whatever reason, though, they are INSANELY popular around here. I mean, you sew your own wedding dress and people are all, "Hey, that's pretty nice!" BUT, make a pillowcase dress and they think you are GOD. Okay... well, maybe not God, but considering how easy they are to pull off, I think the hype is kinda over the top.

ANYWAY, as I said, they are popular around these parts, so I thought it was high time Nadia had one. Plus, it's already hitting the mid to high 80's here, and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind wearing a light and breezy pillow case myself. Perhaps a maternity version is in order?

I didn't want it to look all weird at the armholes, which is where I find they generally look unfinished, so I used left over fabric from making the shorts (which I call baggies, because they are a bit longer than shorts and kinda baggy, I know, I'm insanely creative!), to make my own bias tape which I then used to line the armholes. Then I used some more fabric scraps to make the ribbon ties. Since I STILL had scraps, I made the little star applique' for the front.

I'm pretty pleased with it and I think it will be cute for some 4th of July photos in the next few months, provided Nadia miraculously keeps it stain free between now and then. Maybe I should make a back up one just in case because I do still have scraps of that red stuff left. I need to find a similar print in blue and white to make the baby a matching romper. Too bad boys can't do pillow case thing-a-ma-bobs, or he'd be all the rage!


Karen said...

That is super cute. I really like how you finished the armholes.

I've noticed the same thing about about how people respond to pillow case dresses--for some reason people find them much more impressive than "real" sewing projects. Maybe it has to do with the "upcycling" element? I don't know.

Theresa said...

I'm not really sure what it is that people love about them. Maybe it's because they ARE so simple? *shrugs* Who knows?

Not Hannah said...

Oh, you KNOW pillowcase dresses are all the rage here. My sil made matching ones for Riv and Niecy for our family beach shot last year. They were cute, but I'm with's a pillowcase. With two holes cut in it.

Your version is very nice!

Theresa said...

NH- You should tell your sil to market them. A friend of mine from highschool sells them for like $25-$30 dollars..... which if you ask me is a bit pricey for a pillow case with two holes cut in it, but she's still selling them left and right! It's insane. LOL

Tammie said...

ha ha! i love this post. it had me cracking up.

ive made quite a few pillowcase dresses for my daughter but i try to make them out of designer fabric, so that it doesnt have that dowdy look.

although i love the pillowcase dress, i feel as if it can very easily look sloppy and thrown together.

Theresa said...

Cute fabric really does help them to look a bit more finished. Have you started the big move yet?

Tammie said...

we leave this friday or saturday if all goes as planned. keep your fingers crossed. :)