Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Stuff:

Tim bought me a brand new water bottle with a straw. It's exactly like the other one I had, but a little better. So he's off the hook.

I made this stretchy bag out and the flower out of old t-shirts today using this tutorial, from Between The Lines.

Then I went and got my hair chopped off because I was tired of how long and thick it was. I never have the 45 minutes it takes to blow dry it and fix it, so I called my favorite hair lady person EVER and begged her to fit me in, and she did.

Yay! It's so short and cool now! She even went through with those little choppy shears and thinned it all out for me. I love this woman. And no, I'm not telling who she is because then everyone will want to go there and she won't be able to take me at a moment's notice. So there!


Barb "e" said...

LOL, I am so glad Tim got you a new water bottle. and you got a new hair cut. It looks great on you. Hugz

Daphne said...

Cute, cute photo!! Love the hair.

Theresa said...

Thanks guys!