Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry:

This morning I had a joint dentist appointment with Nadia. I LOATHE the dentist. I always feel like my teeth are a lot more gross AFTER they clean them than before I get in there. Because of my complete cowardice concerning having my teeth cleaned, it has been a little over 5 years since my last cleaning.

The tech who did our cleanings thought it would be a wonderful idea if I went first, so Nadia could watch and see what to expect. Well, needless to say, since I am preggers, my gums bled. A LOT. Five minutes into my cleaning, Nadia was horrified and cowering in the chair in the corner of the room. I thought for sure they were going to have to sedate her with laughing gas just to be able to clean her teeth.

Surprisingly, though, she did REALLY well! Of course, we know now that she is not doing the best job of cleaning her own teeth, but we had already kinda figured that anyway. We've been helping her with her teeth for the last month or so, but we're still going to have to go back in May for her to get a filling. Also, her teeth are apparently coming in REALLY early. She already has all of her 6 year molars, and a permanent tooth half way grown in where she lost the other one. And hey, I didn't cry either! So we both did great!

Afterwards, the rest of my day was kinda... not really... BAD. I was just really emotional, and everything seemed a lot worse than it actually was. For example, I had a complete crying meltdown because my doc told me I am not allowed to do even light walking. Not even a stroll through the park and then I couldn't find the straw to my water bottle. The water bottle was the most upsetting. It was MY water bottle, and Tim lost the straw and now I can't use it. And I can't walk around the park or drink water EVER AGAIN so I'll just have to spend the WHOLE SUMMER feeling like a MOO COW. UGH!!!! (go ahead and have a giggle at my preggo hormone drama, it's okay. I would.)

On the upside: We decided on the baby's name. Surprise, surprise, it's not one that even made it to the list I posted a week ago. We are going to name her Helena Nicole (Hel-leena, NOT Helen-ah), and we are using Lena as a nickname which I LOVE. The suggestion for Helena came from the baby's godmother to be, my dear friend Barb. And Nicole is Barb's middle name which I thought flowed really well with the first name. So I'm excited, I love it. The hubs loves it. The Godmother loves it. WEWT!


Karen said...

Helena/Lena! That is super. You guys pick awesome names.

Theresa said...

thanks! so far every one really loves it too

Not Hannah said...

Oh, sweetums. The straw thing would have KILLED me.

I think the name is lovely.

Theresa said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person who would get up set over the straw/water bottle ordeal. I'm still mad at him for losing it.

Wiregrass Catholic Mom said...

Preggo hormones are so much fun! lol I am so sorry about your water bottle. :)
The name is gorgeous. Fits beuatifully with Nadia and Calvin.