Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More of the Same, But Different

Are you tired of seeing the stuff I've made yet? Well, then probably this isn't the post for you. Also if you are tired of seeing this beautiful yellow print, then probably you want to just move along.

I made this aroma/heat therapy rice pack the day before yesterday. I had seen a few tutorials around the blogosphere on making them, and remembered the one Mom made when my sisters and I were teenagers and my older sister started suffering from monster menstrual cramps. Hers was made out of an old towel and was ugly as sin, but hey, IT WORKED! I used an old t-shirt to make the inner pack that houses the rice and scented my rice with essential oils so it would smell all pretty. Then I made it a nice little slip cover out of some left over fabrics I had. Mine is version 1.0 and I made the cover like a bag that velcros shut at one end. You take the inner part out and put it in the microwave and out comes yummy soothing heat! It's kinda hard to get the rice bag in the cover though, and requires a lot of shaking and moving stuff around. But, again, it works, and has been WONDERFUL therapy for my aching shoulders, lower back, and sore hips. I'm going to make a mini one for head aches too. I had a major head ache and neck ache last night and Tim entered the living room to find me with this thing wrapped all funky around my head and neck and stuff and started laughing. In the future I'd kinda like my headaches to be taken a little more seriously, So I'll make a small one. When I got finished, I posted pics and explanations on my facebook like I always do, and can you believe in less than an hour someone ordered one?!

This is the set I made for her. I can't believe I'm getting paid for this, but I'm not going to complain. I made Tim go to Glenn's yesterday and buy some unbleached cotton muslin. Then I went by the local wellness center and bought some new essential oils and some raw flax seed. Cyndi's set is version 2.0. I made the inner bag out of cotton muslin instead of old t-shirt. I filled hers with a mixture of the raw flax seed and rice because I read that the flax seed helps to cut back on the "cooked rice" smell as well as helps the pack to hold heat longer. I scented hers with a relaxation blend of essential oils, and now my whole sewing room smells AWESOME. I made the cover for this pack more like a pillow sham with a pretty cotton print on the front and a muslin backing. You can slide the inner pack in and out much easier that way and I don't have to waste my time with velcro. I made her an eye pillow with the same fabrics and fillings that can be put in the fridge or freezer for a soothing cool eye mask. I think I need one of those too.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound day! So hopefully tomorrow I will have a little more news!


Tammie said...

these are really awesome. i have a friend who makes them with corn and sells them on etsy, which is nice and gets the job done but the idea of making it with an inner, scented bag is taking it to a whole new level.

and i never knew all the fun facts about flax seed. interesting.

oh and this sentence::
in the future id kinda like my headaches to be taken more seriously cracked me up.

Theresa said...

I had heard that a lot of people use the flax seed and buckwheat for the eye pillows especially because it's smaller. I have also heard of using deer corn, or feed corn for the heat packs, but I was afraid it would be to lumpy since it's such a larger grain. I dunno, I'm going to use the feed corn for the little boo boo pillows though, SO i might experiment with it for the heated ones too.