Monday, April 19, 2010

With the Sweet, Comes the Sour

And vice-a-versa apparently. Today was glorious compared to the last two stress filled ones. Tim was off of work today, so I got to sleep in a little later than usual while he did the kids' breakfast and such.

We went to Walmart and the Tractor Supply Store to get a new blade for the lawn mower. I had no idea how much cool stuff is in the Tractor Supply store, and at really awesome prices too. Why didn't anybody TELL ME?!!! I got a new wall hangy bit for my front door, some cracked corn for filling heat therapy packs and boo-boo packs, and I probably would have spent Tim's entire paycheck in there if he hadn't dragged me to the car.

Then we went out for lunch at the new Mexican place in town. It was DELICIOUS! After we got home, my sister Allie called and said she was in town and headed over our way to go swimming at a friend's house. Only, these friends are more like family because their daughter, Katie, baby sat for us from when I was the baby's age until I was in high school, and then we baby sat for her children... and now her kids are old enough to babysit our kids..... you get the picture. So, anyway, she was headed to Mary's to swim and me and the B went with.

It was so nice to relax and lounge by the pool and float around in there. Mary (or Grammy to the kids) has been a nurse for years and reminded me that swimming is the best exercise for pregnant women because it takes the pressure off of the legs and reduces swelling and back pain and all that other wonderful preggo stuff. So I now have an open invitation to go over and use the pool whenever I please, and since they live literally 5 minutes away, I'm thinking that is going to be pretty often this summer. How awesome is that?! I had A LOT of swelling last year with Calvin's pregnancy, like to the point where I couldn't even wear flip-flops without cutting off the circulation in my feet. He was born in August, so I was the most pregnant at the hottest time of the year down here in the South. Since this baby is due early September, it will be more of the same, so I'm excited to have an outlet for a little relief.

In any case, the day was overall very relaxing and distracting and just what I needed. Now if I can just remember to make my appointments to use my spa gift certificates, I'll be relaxed in NO TIME!

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