Monday, April 5, 2010

What I did Today:

I cannot sit in the bed ALL DAY. It's not just boring, it makes me feel .... moldy. So today, I wanted to sew. I made Nadia this little outfit. It's a criss-cross pinafore or smock or whatever and matching cropped pants. The top is reversible and the other side is the same lime green as the trim on the pants. The top is PERFECT for the hot weather we get down here. She doesn't even need a shirt under it. When it gets cooler, the little smock shirts look cute over a long sleeved shirt too, so she can really wear it all year.

This is the most satisfying outfit I've ever made. It comes together FAST and EASY. The whole outfit maybe took me two hours from start to finish. Start being cutting out the fabric, and finish being DONE, hems and all. I spread the work out over the course of the day, just doing a little bit here and a little bit there, so I wasn't up for the whole day. Besides which, I was sitting down to sew... and I don't really think sewing and lifting mere ounces of fabric counts as strenuous activity.

I love the print on the fabric too. It's tea-pots!


Tammie said...

i love it!!!

Kelly said...

Very cute!!

Aleta said...

I love this outfit! You should make them to sell on Etsy! It's adorable!

Theresa said...