Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well the Easter Bunny definitely visited our house last night. My first clue was Nadi-B running up and down the hall every 2 seconds to show me each individual item from her basket. My favorite part was that the Easter Bunny brought her a Golden Egg.

Last Thursday her preschool had an egg hunt for the kids in her class with ONE golden "prize" egg. Then the stooopid teachers wanted to act like the kids who were upset that they didn't find it were somehow abnormal. Um.. HELLO?! These are kids aged 3-5. And you have ONE special prize egg? Just ONE!? Of course, they always act like my Nadi is abnormal. She gets put in time out for asking too many questions. Seriously. So, anyway, she came home all upset and sat on the foot of my bed and told me all about the golden egg and how she was a loser because she didn't find it.

Well, obviously, the Easter Bunny thinks that Nadi is indeed a winner and not a loser, so he brought her her very own golden egg. In other news, I took some pics of the kiddos this morning and thought I'd share a couple. Mostly because I'm really kinda impressed with myself. I have a photo editor that I downloaded for free off of the internet and it makes all of my amateur photos look awesome. I think I'm going to even frame some of these. Of course, Nadi's dress really helped make these pics. It is a beautiful little thing that was given to us by a friend.


Daphne said...

The pictures look great! Happy Easter!

Karen said...

Wow, those teachers sound like real winners.

I love your kids' Easter outfits. Little boys should wear plaid rompers until they're old enough to be embarrassed. And based on what I can see of Nadia's dress, I think I'd wear it myself :)

Theresa said...

Karen- i think I've pretty much decided that she isn't going to go back. There are only two months left before they close for the summer and then she'll be starting kindergarten. I figure I'll save myself the extra money every month as well as the irritation.

I think I'm in agreement about the plaid rompers. Unfortunately he's nearly grown out of this one already. I would wear Nadia's dress. It is BEAUTIFUL. I will cry when she grows out of it.