Friday, April 16, 2010

No Really, I DID!!!!

Today was my first day officially off of bed rest, and was also the first day that I've had the kids and the house all to do by myself in 3 weeks! The order to "take it easy" still stands, however, and it was REALLY hard to stick to that today. Not only have I been cooped up and antsy for the last few weeks, but there are a million little things that I do, that haven't gotten done and it's been driving me CRAZY.

Don't get me wrong, my hubs, he's a one of a kind man. He TRIED very hard to be me while he was home. Very hard. See, keeping house and taking care of the kids and making dinner, is my "job." And hang on, all you feminists who are about to get all horrified, I LOVE it. This is my CHOICE. My hubs doesn't care one toot if I want to go out and have a career or go back to school or get a job or stay home and take care of our little ones, as long as I'm happy doing it, he's 100% supportive. I feel very blessed that a little over a year ago, our situation became such that I am able to stay home full time, and we can still live comfortable lives. We aren't rolling in big money, and we still have to budget for me to be able to do this, but we always have enough, and that is a blessing that I am quick to acknowledge and be thankful for.

The last few weeks, I've been trying very hard not to pay attention to the little things that have been going undone. After all, Tim has been trying to stay on top of his job and mine. I felt too guilty to sit there on the couch and tick off things for him to do, so unless it was major, I just let it slide. But NOW, oh now that I can DO things, I've been all over the house today exclaiming things like, "When was the last time someone SWEPT IN HERE? OH MA GAH!" and "Why does no one ever scrub the TOILET?! EWWWW!!!!"

Tim seems to have this thing about cleaning where he just does surfaces. He'll do dishes and wipe counters, but not sweep. He'll clean out the sink and wipe out the tub, but not sweep or scrub the potty. He'll dust, but not vacuum. Keep in mind, I'm not complaining. I get told all the time that several women would commit murder for a hubs who does the dishes or folds laundry. However, at our house is an 8 month old on the GO and if floors don't get swept and vacuumed, he is forever putting whatever he can find in his mouth.

So I did dishes, and ran the vacuum, and swept, and scrubbed the bathrooms. I wiped counters and tables and made dinner. Now I know what some of you are going to say, but trust me, I DID! I took it easy! For example, I didn't move the stove and refrigerator so I could sweep and steam mop under and behind them. I didn't get on my hands and knees to scrub base boards. I didn't do any laundry, and I didn't climb on chairs to wipe the dust from the ceiling fan blades! So see?! I think I did pretty good. Oh, and I also cheated on dinner. I made spaghetti but got bread sticks from Pizza hut to go with. ... and okay, I'll admit I also ordered some of the chocolate dunker bread sticks for desert... but only because Nadia begged for them. Ahem...

In any case, I really did take lots of breaks and such and even got a little reading done. It was really nice to be able to take care of the kids all by myself again, and to be able to sweep up crumbs instead of having to look at them until I could get up with someone else to get at them. Now, as soon as Tim gets home if he'll just move some appliances around I can get things back to normal around here!


Wiregrass Catholic Mom said...

If you should - God forbid - find yourself where you are not able to do all those little detail cleaning - CALL CHRISTINA. She LOVES, LOVES to deep clean things. It's her obsession, too. Man, I miss that kid!! LOL She'll read this eventually and agree.
Glad you are able to be up and at it!

Beck said...

Are we married to the same guy? Geez!
And yes. My lovely husband has very kindly loaded the dishwasher after supper for years now and NOT ONCE has he wiped down the stove. It doesn't occur to him! But he's a good guy, so hey.

Christina said...

It's true, I do love to clean. Hehe. It makes me happy. I always go and clean whenever I'm mad or sad or upset. It makes me feel good. LOL. In college I even had to teach a few people to clean. And I LOVE to go shopping for cleaning supplies. Oh, yeah. So if you need any help, I definitely understand such obsessiveness and I can move large things, like appliances and furniture. Haha. But good luck, and enjoy it while you can!