Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Que Pasa

So here's what's up recently:

*I'm still cranky all the time. All. The. Time. This has a lot to do with why blogs have been scarce. I hate to just sit here and whine and complain, and that is pretty much all I feel like doing. My crankiness has now progressed to a whole new level which we will call the "Don't Touch Me!" level. It sucks. Moving on.

*Ultrasounds! I never thought I would get tired of them, now I hate them. I dread having to go in for the ultrasound hoopla. It means being touched AND smeared with sticky goo. Boo. It doesn't seem to help matters any that aside from one, all of them have been performed by the same tech. I can't believe she still checks my armband when I go in for them. She sees me at least once a month if not twice, and I know she recognizes me from the annoyed look she gets whenever she sees me. Hello. It's me again, Margret. *sigh* The ultrasound they did last month apparently showed that I had a low lying placenta, so Dr. B sent me back for yet another one. I had no idea what that meant, and the (apparently) mute tech didn't help me out any. I had the follow up ultrasound on Monday and all she did was click, click, click, measure, measure, measure. Momma mentioned that it's just possible she may not be allowed to talk to me about it. From what I could see, it looked like my placenta was pretty much right on top of the cervix. But what do I know? I'll have to wait to get the report from the Dr. on this coming up Tuesday.

*I googled "Low Lying Placenta" and then "Low Lying Placenta 3rd Trimester," and probably shouldn't have. Basically, if it's sitting too low it could possibly mean more bleeds in the next few weeks, and also its possible I will have no choice but to have a cesarean to deliver. Whoop. Ee. As if I haven't had enough to think about. I told you I shouldn't have googled it. Stay off of google.

*I'm 32 weeks and a few days. I now watch episodes of "I didn't know I was Pregnant" to torture myself. HOW?!! How do you NOT know you are pregnant? When the baby kicks, my belly MOVES. That is NOT gas! I try not to watch when Tim is home because he starts to look frightened when I begin yelling at the TV screen.

*Nadia starts school on August 9th. That is in roughly 2 1/2- 3 weeks. It seems obscenely early to me. At some point the school is supposed to send a letter with the name of her teacher, date of her orientation, and what time her bus will arrive and so forth. I don't think we're ready. I feel very unprepared and scatter brained.

*Calvin turns one year old on August 19th. I hope I don't go into labor on his birthday. Or worse.. before his birthday. We are planning a cook out with the family to celebrate his big year. I'm hoping all goes well.

*Momma is leaving town for my grandfather's 90th birthday at the end of August. I'm due September 12th. I am freaking out. Momma has been in the delivery room for both of my other children, and now I feel like I'm facing the possibilities of all this scary stuff and there is the other scary possibility that she won't be there. I should mention that Mom was pretty blown away and nervous about being in the delivery room for NB, her first grandchild. She kept saying, "But... I'm not good at this stuff! I didn't even want to see Ya'll being born!!" Despite that, she was awesome and she loved it, of course and has been in the room for all the other grandbabies. She likes to chit chat with the nurses about the grandbabies between contractions. I'm going to freak if I go into labor and she's in Lousianna.


Tammie said...

oh theresa, i hope it works out and your mom is there for the delivery.

im in the "Dont Touch Me" level of crank a lot and im not even pregnant.

Tammie said...

oh also...lately ive been watching i didnt know i was pregnant too. those women drive me NUTS. i just dont know how you can not know!!! i sort of get it if the lady has maybe had her tubes tied or something and there is no expectation of it, but are the rest of them just horrificly out of touch with their bodies?

Theresa said...

I hope it works out too, Tammie... or at least if I go in while she's gone that she will have enough time to make it back before anything really happens.

I truly don't get the "I didn't know I was pregnant" thing either. Some of the extremem cases where there are other medical things going on too, I get, but the others who claimed "no symptoms" are just beyond me. But I recall KNOWING I was beyond a doubt pregnant with all three of mine before even taking a test. Your body is just different.

Karen said...

That really really sucks about the placenta. For what it's worth, I had a c-section for the twins. I was really pissed off about it (still am, sometimes) but the recovery was not bad at all.

Chances are that if you indeed have placenta previa (and I hope they do another scan in a few weeks to confirm) they'll schedule a c-section instead of having you go into labor on your own. Maybe that means your mother can plan to be in town for the birth?

Good luck with everything.

Theresa said...

Maybe so. I should find out tuesday what the Dr. thinks about the placenta. Apparently there are like 4 different levels and if it's like 1 or 2 I can still deliver the regular way, so I'm trying not to let it worry me too much until I know for sure what's going on. How are the twins doing, anyway? I haven't seen a post from you in awhile

Kasie said...

I know how you feel. the 3rd trimester is the hardest (I don't need to tell you that though) I hope you feel better! Congrats on the new babe.

Daphne said...

I've been seriously cranky lately too (it's going around) and I totally do not have as good an excuse as you.

Sending good thoughts that everybody will be happy and healthy at the end of all this (PS: I do not mind cranky posts AT ALL. Crank away!)

k a t y said...

Hey Theresa,
I've got 2 headbands left if you're interested ;). Congrats on numbero tres! You will enjoy having Nadia start school and spend some one on one time with Calvin before Helena gets here, so just get her school supplies and relax. Oh, and then enjoy that brand new baby when she comes, however she comes :)