Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making No Promises

I haven't updated this poor blog in so long! I even have to admit that I haven't caught up on reading your blog posts either. Did you know that having 3 kids is kinda crazy? Especially when one is in kindergarten, one is a toddler, and the other one is an infant? Well, I'm telling you right now, IT'S CRAZY. I'm consider myself pretty lucky at this point if I get the opportunity to pee more than once a day. (did I just say that on the internet? You bet your bottom I did)

Here's the latest picture of our little Lena-Bean-ah. She is one month old and she HATES me for putting that silly flower on her head. Or she could be passing gas. She does that. A LOT.

Here's one where she could either be smiling or passing gas.

She is a really good baby. She sleeps fairly well at night and is awake and alert during a good part of the day. She is very expressive and Tim says she looks a lot like me! Especially when she is annoyed. I must agree. Her mad face looks a lot like mine!

NB is still doing fairly well in school. About 2 months ago, I thought I'd try my hand at making her some hair bows because we didn't have very many. NB likes to wear hair things, but it was difficult finding some to match her clothes and also? I didn't want to spend a fortune on bows when ribbon is fairly inexpensive.

Check out my handy work here. Oh, and you might notice NB's drastically shorter hair. I took her to get it TRIMMED and the lady butchered her hair. I seriously should have snapped a photo of the job she did. It looked like NB had done the job herself. I had to rush her to another salon to have them fix it so she wouldn't have to go to school looking all funk-i-fied. I was in hysterics, guys, but ya know, hair grows and she loves it, so I guess it's okay. And if you are wondering what that obscene ball of fluff is that she is holding, it's a webkin that her Aunt Barb sent her. ......... we THINK it's a cat.........we could be wrong.

Since NB has been wearing her new hair bows to school, her teacher has started sending home notes requesting me to make some for her little girl and sending notes to all of her friends with little girls. I have learned that just because I am not willing to spend tons of money on hair things, doesn't mean that other people aren't. These ladies have some serious obsession with hair things. BUT, it's actually turned into a nice little at home side business for me. So far be it from me to complain.

NB is already reading short words! She gets a new word list every week that she reads over every night for homework. There are about 12 words on each week's list. I can't believe she is already that far along! It's pretty neat though!

As for Calvin. He is just ALL boy. He is walking and starting to talk. He loves Lena. He will walk up to her and touch her very gently and say "Ohhhhhh Bay-bee! Ohhhhhhhhh." He is a little rotten stinker though. You can't leave any open cup or bottle laying around or he will grab it and start chugging frat boy style. The other morning I forgot and he finished off my diet pepsi in about 2 seconds.

In other news, the weather here has FINALLY started to reflect the season! To celebrate we had a bunch of friends out last night and I cooked up a big pot of gumbo. It was AWESOME. The first chance I get I am putting our fire pit to use. I already have a nice big stack of wood and limbs just waiting for me in the backyard.

I'm sure there is plenty I've left out as far as updating everything goes. I am going to try to blog more now that we are starting to settle a little more, but I'm not making any promises. I hope you all are well!!


Tammie said...

yay. so glad all is well. the baby is beautiful and congrats on the hair bow side business. how exciting!

lucy's doing really well at reading too. she can read hop on pop all by herself. im so excited by this because when her brother was in kindergarten, he WAS NOT interested in learning to read. he didnt master hop on pop until the end of the year.

Theresa said...

Isn't it exciting to see them reading already?? I can't believe how quickly they got to this point. NB has only been in school about 1 1/2 months! It really makes me wish I would have spent a little more time working with her on it before school. I didn't realize how quickly they would pick that up.

Not Hannah said...

Oh, I loved this update on your sweet family. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I can totally see why everyone would want your bows -- super cute. And your new little one is adorable! Congratulations. Seems like, um, you have plenty to keep your hands full. :)