Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Costume Photo Dump!

So. Every year, I have the same grand idea: I will MAKE the kids' costumes! They will be awesome and better than store bought crap costumes that are way overpriced! I will get lots of cute photos!!

And every year: I FAIL. Usually one of two things happen: I run out of time and energy to get them completed, OR I mess up the costume and am unable to fix it due to time constraints or there not being enough fabric to start over. And then I'm always rushing around trying to get out trick or treating and snapping crap pictures that barely show the crap costumes I had to run out and buy at the last minute. *sigh*

But this year?! I DID IT! I made 3 costumes! Three. Whole. Costumes. And they are all awesome (IMO). AND they all match a theme! Yay! AND! AND!! I got lots of super cute pictures! So here they are:

Here is Nadia, all decked out as the Cheshire Cat. I made her dress and her ears and did her make-up, but we bought the awesome pinky-purple hair.

This is my favorite photo of NB. Apparently, the trick to getting her to be all smiles for the camera is to paint her face like a cat! She would wear the make-up every day if I would let her.

Here is the Baby! She is the Queen of hearts, obviously. I like to imagine that in the above picture she has just said "Off with their heads... bleh" in a very bored tone.

I made her tutu, stenciled her onesie, and made her head poof. The center of it has a sparkly red heart, but it's kinda hard to see it in this picture.

And here is Calvin, giving ole' Johnny a run for his money! He is such a handsome Hatter!

I made his hat and his bow tie and vest. The rest is just a white shirt and black pants.

Like any toddler, he wasn't a big fan of leaving the hat on for very long and kept yanking it off, which is why Tim's hand is in the photos.

I don't believe I'm going to dress up this year myself. If I decide to, I have a closet full of things like peasant dresses, witches' hats, coin scarves, etc. But I'm really thinking I'm just going to enjoy the kids this year.

I am so proud of myself for completing these costumes! I even made costumes for OTHER PEOPLE'S kids! I made a Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked Witch of the East, and Dorothy costume set for three little girls, a Tinkerbell tutu for my niece, and a purple fairy tutu for my other niece. I don't have any pics of them in their costumes yet though.

So what you doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Going trick or treating? Staying in?


Tammie said...

these are amazing. really really impressive. i loooove the first picture of the baby.

serenetabbie said...

Very, very awesome!

I am busy sulking since I was informed there will never be chocolate that does not lead to weight gain. That's as far as my Halloween planning has gotten :P

Theresa said...

Tammie- Thanks! I love that pic of the baby too. She is very expressive when she's annoyed with me. *laughs*

Serenetabbie- really? There isn't any chocolate that doesn't lead to weight gain? What about the dark stuff? I thought it had antioxidants so I've been stuffing my face with it every chance I get!!

Wiregrass Catholic Mom said...

Nicely done. Lena looks a lot like you. And that hatter costume is just the cat's meow (from WAAAAYYYY back in the day). We're trick or treating in Montana. Dan's going as a clown, not sure if Dave is too grown up for this or not and Dom is going as a lion. This will be his first *real* costume as my kids did themed Halloween too even as grown ups. They all trooped out one year as the cast of Cinderella and Dom was the pumpkin - that kind of thing. Whatever was left over. Oh and just for future reference - if you dress a boy up as Prince and send him with a really lovely (and clean) high heel shoe, and he trick or treats with it saying to the ladies on the square: "Would you like to try on the shoe, Princess?" They will FILL THE SHOE with CHOCOLATES. Everyone was so jealous of Dave that year! LOL
Also cute 5 year olds in overalls with a hayseed straw hat? Pushing a Little Tykes wheelbarrow - oh yeah. Hershey heaven. So if Calvin won't wear the hat, let him hold out for the candy...Have fun and be safe!

Theresa said...

THe idea of letting him use the hat to carry candy is awesome! Thanks for the tips!

Dani said...

Adorbale!!! Each costume is fantastic! I too struggle with getting really good pictures of the kids in their costumes every year.