Monday, June 28, 2010

What I've Been Up To: Photo Dump

Recently, one of my friends convinced me to open up a "shop" of sorts on facebook. Basically all it is, is a page where I put up pics of things that I've made that I'd be willing to make for other people and/or their kids and then people comment on the photos saying they'd like to purchase one. They pay me through paypal, or if they are local, they come by the house and pay in cash or check when they pick up their items. I never thought it would go anywhere, but so far, I've had quite a few "customers." Heh... it feels weird saying that. I'm not swimming in teh mon-hay or anything, but I've had a steady-ish flow of about 2-3 orders per week. It's kinda neat! And not more than I can handle so that's cool.
Also, I'm mostly just exhausted and bitchy most of the time, so I've been very hermit-ish the last few weeks. I feel like a scum bag for not getting out to see my friends more or taking my kids to see theirs... but honestly just the thought of loading everything up in the car to go anywhere makes me want to hide under the covers in my room with the AC on sub zero and nap all day. .........not that I've done that recently.........more than once a day...........
The thing is, I'm tired all the time, and then when I try to nap or sleep at all for that matter, an idea will pop into my head and then I cannot sleep no matter what I do, until the idea has been realized. Completely. Not even with benadryl. So here's all the stuff I've been churning out when I should have been, but couldn't be, sleeping. At least most of it is stuff I can be proud of. In fact, everything pictured here has sold to at least one "customer" aside from the top I made for B out of some left over fabric I found.
Made this Birthday dress for a "customer"

Made some Minky Baby Loveys

Made this ruffled onesie for Baby Lena

Made these photo block/keepsakes. One for each of the kiddos.

Made a Top for B.

Made her a dress.

Made some clothes for other people


Tammie said...

you are the busiest pregnant woman ive ever seen.

congrats on your 'shop.' that's exciting.

Theresa said...

Heh... I actually managed to pretty lazy there for about as long as it took me to watch 3 seasons of Roswell on netflix. Now it's over and I can't distract myself anymore. LOL