Saturday, October 16, 2010

All about Lena

~***** Warning! This post contains gross stuff like news on baby spit-up and poop is mentioned.*****~

* The other night she did this crazy little fluke thing where she slept through the entire night. She is only 6 weeks old, so as far as I know, sleeping through the night is unheard of for her age. We were kind of astounded, and I spent the morning hovering around her crib checking her breathing and nudging her every now and again to make sure she was ok. But, not to worry! It was only a fluke and hasn't happened since!

*Spit-up. Ohhhhhhh my! Lately it has seemed as though our little Beanah has been practicing for her upcoming role in the exorcist. I mean, I know babies spit up, it's what they do, but I'm beginning to become concerned that she isn't getting enough nutrition what with the constant spitting up and also: poop. I am thinking she might be lactose intolerant or at least lactose sensitive, so I'm going to talk to her doctor about it on Monday and see about switching her formula.

* Speaking of formula, how about that scary recall of Similac? I've been diligent about checking all of ours to make sure we didn't bring home any bad cans, but makes you nervous.

* Lena is so different from my first two children. Where they were BIG babies (9-6 and 8-8 respectively), she is small. Where they were chubby and dimpled, she is long and skinny. Where they had little fat feet with sausage toes and fingers, she has long skinny feet and fingers and toes. Her eyes are big and blue, just like my other two, but are shaped differently. I just can't seem to get enough of looking at her. While my other two weren't big fans of the sling, she is content to chill in there all day. She just has a different energy and personality all together. I am so interested to see her grow and develop.


Tammie said...

love the new layout around here.

i hope you get the formula thing figured out.

how neat is it that shes so physically different? she certainly made everything more interesting for you hasnt she?

also: my GOD you birthed some big babies. hats of to you! both of mine were relatively small (about 6 pounds) and that was more than enough for me. you're my new idol.

Theresa said...

Tammie- you're right she has been different since day one of that pregnancy, which just makes it all the more interesting to see how she'll grow.

I actually have had several people tell me that Lena is a big baby and I'm always like huhn???