Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conversation With a 5 Year Old:

Me: "NB, stop growling at your brother!" (OK, seriously, does anyone else have to say this several times a day? Or is it just me?)

NB: "What will happen if I growl at him?"

Me: "It scares him, see?! Now he's all fussy."


Me: "NB, come back to the table and finish this milk! Don't waste it!"

NB: "What happens when you waste milk?"

Me: "It gets sour and smelly and then we have to throw it out."

NB: "Well, what happens when we throw it out?"

Me: "......It's wasted, and no one gets to drink it."


Me: "NB, it's time for bed, go brush your teeth."

NB: "What happens when we brush our teeth?"

Me: "...........*and then my brain explodes*...........

"What will Happen?" is NB's new favorite question of all time. She doesn't even mean it as a smart ass come back either. She genuinely wants to know what will happen when _________happens or doesn't happen. After hearing it about 50 times or more a day in response to everything I gets a bit frustrating.

This has been yet another conversation with a 5 year old.


Tammie said...

this would drive me nuts.

my daughters thing is "next time" as in "next time we go to the store can we buy such and such" or "next time will you remind me to watch yo gabba gabba" and so on. she must say it about 50 times a day.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness. We get a lot of "next time" and "remember when" too. I hear they eventually grow out of it.........I hope it's true. LOL