Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well... You can Hang that Up....

Yanno... when I was preggers and BORED and had NOTHING TO DO, it seemed as though all of you went on a blogging hiatus. Now that I'm bargaining for five minutes to sit down that the computer, you have all started posting bookoo blogs. Let's be honest. As much as I love reading about you guys and your lives and your kids.. I am NEVER going to get caught up on all of these blogs! Sheesh! So I'm thinking I'm just going to pick up on the latest ones you've posted and just keep going from there. Sorry. :(

Also........just out of curiosity, has anyone watched any of the new TLC series, "Sister Wives?" I am so intrigued! And not really in a "yeah I could see myself doing this" kind of way, just more like, "hunh???!!!!" kind of way, followed by daydreaming about having another person here every day helping me do laundry and make dinner and feed babies all day. Is there anyway to have a Sister Mom instead of a Sister wife. Because I really don't dig on sharing my hubs.


Tammie said...

oh my god sister wives!! i watched the first episode and just stared at the tv with my jaw to the floor.

a moment of the show i remember most was when all the wives were there describing how they work out the sexual nature of the relationship, saying that they all take turns. then one of them said something like, 'yeah, but we never do it with each other. we don't get into anything weird.'
HA! yeah, nothing weird going on there.

daphne said...

Sister Aunts, perhaps?

Theresa said...

LOL- Tammie, I know right?! I can't stop watching it though because it's just so bizzare.