Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey, what do you know, An update!

As of today, our little Lena Bena Bobena is 3 months old. In the last month she has discovered that she has hands and they are probably the single most interesting thing happening in her life right now. In every picture we get of her she is studying her hands. She will wave them around in front of her own face for nearly an hour. She is smiling in response to our smiles and making those cute little baby gurgles and sounds. She can also do push ups now and will pop that darling little head up and look around. She loves tummy time, especially when we are enjoying it with her. She loves to be talked to. It really doesn't even matter what you're saying, she just thinks it's hilarious. She's already rolled over from her tummy to her back a couple of times but it's not happening consistently yet, though that could change by tomorrow.

Calvin is about 16 months old now and a right handful, for sure. He is now climbing all over the place. He figured out how to go up and down stairs, how to climb up onto the couch and back off again and he loves doing it over and over again. Lately, we call him CalvinBobPlunderPants because he is ALWAYS into something. He likes to pull out everything from the cabinets and sort through it. He loves to stack Lena's formula cans and blocks, but mostly the cans. He is also a little chatterbox these days. He just babbles on and on, and it's so stinking adorable. His new favorite things to say are "Whaizz dat?!" and "Whoizz dat?!" On the other hand, he has also developed quite the temper, which isn't cute in the least. Any time he's not getting his way or thinks we aren't getting the message he will let out this really aggravated sounding yell, like: "AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!" It's horrible. I think I would prefer crying to that noise. On the other, other hand (how many am I up to now?) he's learned how to give real kisses and LOVES giving them. He kisses me, Tim, NB, the baby, stuffed animals, his cars. It just melts my heart every time. He definitely keeps me back and forth on my toes. The stinker.

NB is still pretty much 95% sas. I think the week long break from school was good for her though, because her behavior and school work are both improved since they've been back at school this week. I'm still trying to keep the creative stimuli coming at home in hopes that it is helping. I made a felt board for the kids a couple of days ago and they have been at it nearly non-stop. Even Calvin gets how he is supposed to use it and will spend a good solid 1/2 hour peeling off the shapes and then sticking them back on. NB informed me today that they made hand print Santa Clauses at school today, so I'm excited about that too! NB had another dentist appointment today for a regular cleaning and then they removed one of her teeth that had an abscess. I think I was more nervous than she was, but she went back there all by herself like a big girl. They somehow numbed her jaw without the use of shots and she did just great. There was no whining, crying, or (thank God) biting, she just sat through it like a big girl. All of which makes me wonder why we were given the big run around through the out of town dentist office in the first place. Seriously, if you can numb the kid's jaw without shots why would anyone do it any other way??!! Why would give an adult a shot for that matter!? I'd much prefer the miracle gel stuff or whatever they used for her. Anyway, I'm just glad that's all over and done with.

In other news, my Grandpa passed away over the Thanksgiving break. My sister and I drove down to Nola for the wake and then back home all in the same day. Even though the circumstances were sad, it was good to see and reconnect with all of our relatives and I wish we'd been able to visit longer. I also wish I had brought the kids with me, but it just seemed like so much to travel that far with the two little ones. Hopefully we will be able to make it down for a more cheerful visit when they are a bit older.

Until next time! Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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