Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mundane Update:

Wow! So things have finally slowed down enough that I can post a little mundane family update. Well... they aren't really slow at all, actually. I'm just forcing the time. The last few weeks I have been working part time at my favorite discount fabric store to fill in for one of their employees who got bit by a brown recluse. *shudder* Anyway, she is now back at work, even though she isn't quite at 100%, and I'm a little bummed. I really enjoyed filling in there. However, they are considering having me come in on Fridays from now on just to help out with their busiest day! I hope that works out because I really do/did LOVE working there.

Yesterday I hosted my very first Pampered Chef cooking show for a friend and it was AWESOME! We made homemade pizza, a cheese torta, and mini tirramissu cakes using all the fancy shmancy pampered chef gear. Then we got to eat the outcome while shopping. It was a fairly good/entertaining show and we did pretty well with the sales too which means more free stuff for me for hosting! Whaa-hoo! I'm so excited! Mom also ordered me a pizza stone for my birthday, so that's one thing I don't have to spend my free on.

Okay! Enough about me, moving on to the important people: the kids.

Lena is 2 months old, as of November 1st. She is all smiles these days and just today started rolling over from her tummy to her back! At her 2 month check up, she was a little over 8lbs. She is still small for her age, but since she's been small since birth, developmentally, she's right on track. Our pretty girl is somewhat of a miracle baby. At 2 months she already sleeps the majority of the night. Occasionally, she will get up once during the night, but about 5/7 nights of the week she will sleep the whole night. It's pretty awesome to say the least.

Calvin is getting bigger by the day! He is now 15 months. He is a little jabber box these days. Most of it is just cute baby jibberish, but there are a few words he's getting really good at. He now recognizes us in photos. He likes to point at NB's picture on the fireplace and say "Sisser?!" He also knows the baby, Daddy, and Momma. I think he also says "Papa," for my dad. He can also say "Uh oh," and "tank u!"

He is my little heart throb. I am so in love with this kid, I tell ya. He is so goofy and silly and sweet. Most of the time. He has a temper though when he isn't getting his way! But he is growing super fast it seems. It's already hard to imagine him as Lena sized.

And here's my other pretty girl! NB is modelling a dress I made her this past weekend. NB is just her own kind of person. She is doing well in school, but every day is a struggle for her to get a "smiley face." It's not that she's a bad kid, by any means. It's that she's over imaginative and sociable and silly, so her greatest offenses are often just forgetting herself and talking too much at times that are inappropriate. We've also been having a little issue with her rushing through her work so she can spend more time drawing kitty cats. NB is OBSESSED with cats. Her teacher sent me a message informing me that NB now insists on being called "Nadia Cat." *laughs* See what I mean about being her own person?

It has also become apparent that she is very sensitive. She gets it from her momma, so she comes by it honest. Yesterday she got her feelings hurt over a few other kids laughing at the name she calls her Gigi. Apparently "Gigi" sounds funny to a five year old, but NB thought they were making fun of her Gigi. So instead of doing her work, she spent her time making a necklace for her Gigi. Oh geeze! So that was a whole other discussion we had to have with her. Nothing is ever mundane or boring with NB around, that's for sure! My biggest challenge as a Mom has been to balance correcting her without crushing her spirit and individuality, which are the things I love in her.

My life is a Mom's life. But it's a happy one!


Daphne said...

"We've also been having a little issue with her rushing through her work so she can spend more time drawing kitty cats."

OK, this cracked me up.

Adorable photos, glad you are holding up!

Tammie said...

glad all is well.

lucy is having similar problems at school. shes a good kid but she rushes through her work so she can go play or whatever.