Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I don't know what's been up with me lately, but my focus has been completely elsewhere and the last thing I've felt like doing for awhile has been blogging.

*Nadia has been doing pretty good with camp! She gets up in the mornings and rides the school bus just like a big girl. One thing is for certain, it is going to be an adjustment for her to get used to going every day. On the third day she missed the bus and Tim had to drive her to school. After that she has been more reluctant about the whole bus riding deal. However, considering that in September I will have a one year old boy and a brand new infant baby girl, loading everyone up to take her to school in the mornings is going to be a no-go, so we are definitely doing the bus ride. At least in the mornings. I really like her school. They do an art project every day. Every day she brings home some really cute project that she got to make and I know that she is enjoying the heck out of it.

*I'm enjoying her being at camp. Not that I don't love her to pieces; not that I don't miss her while she is gone. But, holy cow I can get a lot done because when Calvin naps, it's just me here and I don't have to come up with a zillion and one things to entertain Nadia's constantly running brain. I realize that when she actually starts kindergarten, what with the TWO babies, this little bit of quiet time I've been getting every morning (and AFTERNOON because when she gets home she has played so hard that she passes out!) will likely cease to exist. That's okay. I'm living it up now while I can.

*Baby Einstein ROCKS. They have these silly little puppets that don't even talk. They more or less just squeak. But they are cute in a baby way, not all creepy like some other puppets. And Calvin thinks they are the funniest thing on the face of the Earth. Every time they pop up on the screen he drops what he's doing and laughs and claps and bounces up and down until he's gasping for air. Even Nadia doesn't seem to mind them. She likes watching and copying them do the sign language for the different words and has already picked up quite a bit of it. It's pretty adorable, and these little 30 minute digi board books have become part of our wake up and night time routine. One after breakfast, and one after dinner and a bath. Awesome.

*It's HOT. It's HUMID. I'm pregnant and swollen and sweaty and uncomfortable, and, at this point? I've been pregnant for almost 2 years. I'm just ready to get this over with and have this baby. Not that I want to do the pre-term labor gig, which we are all kinda worried might happen. Dr. B seems pretty optimistic but he's already seeing me every two weeks (I'm 27 and 4 days along) and has ordered another diagnostic ultrasound in a couple of weeks just to keep an eye on things. I just frankly haven't been in the mood to be all smiley and "pregnancy is the most wonderful time in a woman's life!!" happy and junk. It's hard to be that way when your ankles slowly disappear up until lunch time, at which point they are officially gone and your toes are touching together. Also? I know there are some yellow box flip flop dislikers/haters out there, but I have to say that I am currently extremely grateful that my mom got me a pair. They are very cushy, and they are big. They are the ONLY pair of shoes that fit comfortably after about 11 am, the only pair that doesn't cut off the circulation further in my feet, and they still look "nice" enough that I don't feel like slob wearing them to the store.

*The huge gash I got on my hand/thumb last Monday is starting to close up and I can finally get through the day with out needing about 3-5 band aids. Dr. B and the nurse had a bit of freak out over at my check up today because they thought I was going to try and climb through the window. Apparently I haven't explained myself well enough. See, I was trying to reach THROUGH the window around to the lock on the door so I could WALK through it. I had no delusional thoughts about trying to crawl through this window. A)I know climbing and junk is bad for pregnant ladies. B)My currently round baby belly was never gonna fit through that hole.

That about sums up my last week or more. Even though I haven't been posting, I've still been trying to keep up with all of your blogs and goings-ons!

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