Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Like the Bees

Yesterday, I got a nesting itch and decided to clean out and reorganize the two closets in mine and Tim's bedroom. I might have mentioned it before, but the people that we bought our house from cut a lot of corners when they were renovating it for sale, and one of those things was the closet doors in our room. They have been nearly impossible to open ever since we moved in. In a moment of frustration, I had Tim remove the doors from the closet we primarily use for clothes and installed a couple of long curtains in it's place. The other closet which has been primarily used for storing things like Christmas decorations and camping gear still had the impossible to open closet doors, so we got to work on that one yesterday.

We have finally discovered how to make use of all the crawl space in the attic for storage, so we cleaned out and boxed up all of the decorations in rubber/plastic containers and Tim stored them all neatly away in the attic space. Then we separated all of his clothes from mine and put them in the extra closet. In the process the doors got removed completely and we were contemplating just throwing them out as we did the others, but I really wanted to find another use for them. Then Tim or I, I can't remember which, had a moment of sheer genius. I had been using our old dining room table to sew on, but last week gave the whole set: table and four chairs, to a friend who needed a new set. That has resulted in my sewing machine and accompanying mess being relocated to the dining table (again). Long story short, we used some left over cinder blocks from doing the garden bed to make table legs and ended up using the closet doors to make a new, awesome, l-shaped sewing desk in my craft/mess room. It's SO perfect.

The doors were nice and narrow so I have more room and more table space to work with. I love it!

This next month is going to be extremely busy. I was bound and determined to find things for Nadia to do over the summer so she burn off some of the multitudes of energy she generates every day, so I signed her up for several different camps. The first two weeks of June she will be attending a summer camp program put on by the Elementary school she will be attending in the fall for kindergarten. She will ride the bus to school and basically get a two week preview of what kindergarten will be like and we will pick her up at the end of the day. The third week she has dance camp every afternoon from 3:30-4:30, and the week after that she has tumbling camp from 3:30 -4:30. That pretty much covers June.

At the end of June Tim gets one of his two vacation checks of the year, so we are planning an entire day out with just us and Nadia to do all of her school shopping for kindergarten. Mom is going to watch the little one, so the whole day will be just about Nadia.

Now I just need to find things to preoccupy her in July. The local art council is offering kids art camps this summer, I'm just not clear on the dates. I'm hoping that they will have something scheduled for July because Nadia has expressed a HUGE interest in doing anything to deal with art. And before you go thinking I'm one of those kooky moms that tries to force activities upon her kids, she ASKED to do the dance and tumbling camps. She has been "practicing" her moves for weeks now in anticipation of going to an actual dance class, so she is super excited about all of these things. We are going to be crazy busy this summer, but that's good! Nadia doesn't do well being cooped up for more than a couple of days at a time and then things start getting rough.

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