Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Things and Thoughts:

*I have really enjoyed reading every one's post about things they hate today. I love that we have things in common that we can really get behind disliking... but more than that? I love proof that there are people out there who can read that someone dislikes/hates something that they themselves enjoy and still appreciate the humor in it without getting all touchy and bent out of shape about it.

*After the last few busy days trying to catch up on all the sewing projects I had lined up, I feel like I accomplished very little today. I did read a book from start to finish though. Granted it was short as most of Paulo Coelho's are, but it was still a really awesome read, as most of his books are (IMO). Every book of his that I've read focuses a lot on God, magic, and the Mysteries of life and love... and just well... THE mysteries. I won't go into my personal beliefs here as I tend to keep that sort of banter for personal conversations and not blog world, but I will say that I really like how Coelho manages to make God a universal power/person that anyone of any religion could relate to, and allows for anyone to walk away from his books with something. Even if it's nothing more than the appreciation of a really good story told in a really great way.

*Read a really awesome quote in that book (Brida), that has made it into my journal of random things and sayings and so forth that I like:

"Sometimes, certain of God's blessings arrive by shattering all the windows" ~Paulo Coelho in Brida

*Know what makes a really great ending to any day, no matter how much was accomplished?

Oatmeal peanut butter cookies with m&m's in. Yummm


Daphne said...

Windows are definitely shattered at our house, but as Leonard Cohen says, that's how the light gets in. :)

Theresa said...

I love it when two quotes by two different people go together like that! *hugs*

Tammie said...

ive loved looking at peoples lists of hates too. it seemed like everytime i logged on, someone else had done it. it was so fun.

the only book by paulo coelho ive read is Veronika decides to die. it stuck with me for quite sometime.

AmyRay said...

Please post a link to your recipe for oatmeal peanut butter m&m cookies! I must try them!