Monday, May 3, 2010

Relaxed and Groovy:

For Valentine's Day, the hubs had gotten me a gift certificate to be pampered at the spa. So, this afternoon, while he was at home with the kids; I was HERE, at the Oasis. To add to my special day, Tim got up with the kids and pretty much gave me the entire day off. I got to take a 45 minute shower BY MYSELF. With NO INTERRUPTIONS. It was heaven!

My special treatment started with a one hour massage with Teresa. I used to work for her when she had her own place at Knead Massage, and it was great to visit with her. Plus, due to the massive amounts of rain here, she had a lot of cancellations.... which coupled with the two of us catching up on the times resulted in what was actually an hour and A HALF massage. AWESOME.

After I was all floppy and relaxed, I got my nails manicured and painted. The lady who did my nails turned out to be someone Tim and I went to high school with, so there was lots of chatty conversation going on there too. I got the full tour of the spa too, and I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my membership with USA gym and spending my money on a gym membership at the Oasis instead. It's women only and you can take any of their classes for free with your membership. They have zumba and belly dancing and all kinds of stuff. It will most likely wait until after the baby is born though since I'm still under strict orders from Dr. B to "limit my mobility." Boo. But at least I can still swim, which I've been trying to do a lot of.

Anyway, back on topic. I came home to Tim starting on dinner. He's grilling up steak and making baked potatoes and steamed veggies and he already fed the baby... Yeah. Cue Spongebob singing "It's the Best Day EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!" And that would pretty much finish things off.


Not Hannah said...

So, really, I'm jealous of you now. I'm not going to admit to pouting, but it's close,lady. CLOSE.

Theresa said...

If it makes you feel any better, about 10 seconds after I posted this, my sister came over with her daughter and the next several hours were full of hectic running around and screaming kids, and herds of wild elephants charging through the house... it was complete chaos. LOL