Friday, May 21, 2010

Thing you Probably Like, That I Hate:

So, first things first: I stole this blog idea from Tammie, who stole it from someone named Elizabeth, who stole it from someone, who stole it from someone and so forth. Still, thought it was a pretty neat blog idea, so I'm stealing and posting too.

*Lost- I hate this too, Tammie! I've watched two or three episodes and have yet to catch on to exactly what all the hype is about. Is there like a magic pill you're supposed to take when you watch this that adds to the effect or something? Is my drinking water coming from some other magical place than all the other people who are in love with this show? *shrugs*

*Buffy- Yet another stupid, ridiculous hyped up show that I apparently missed the boat on. Maybe it's just the area that we live in, or just the majority of our friends and people we hang with, but even though it no longer airs, people still seem obsessed with talking and talking and TALKING about Buffy. Ugh. Bad, cheesy dialogue. Horrible fight scenes with more cheesy "take-that!" dialogue. And sorry: I don't get the whole Willow obsession either. *wrinkles nose* Also, growing up, we had a collie named Buffy, so maybe I've just never been able to move past that.

*Most of the music on regular radio- Is it just me, or do the vast majority of today's musical artists all sound the same? And what's with the canned-music/tin-man robot voice tweak thingies? I prefer satellite and internet radios where you can cut through all of that crap and just plug in what you like. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I listened to any regular local radio station anywhere.

*Over sized bows/flowers- I know I'm probably going to get a lot of haters for this one, but at least I know my younger sister is in agreement here. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this one because I know several people who do it, but I just can't jump onto the whole "bow-3/4 the size of my daughter's head" band wagon. Bows-cute. Flowers-cute. HUGE bow sticking up on the side of a baby's/little girl's not so much. Nadia would never keep even the tiniest bows on her head, especially if it was attached to a little wrap headband. I imagine it must be pretty uncomfortable, especially for the babies. But then, I did the little sproingy pig-tails when Nadia was a baby, so I guess I don't have much room to be talking. The only bald baby I've had is the boy, so I don't have to go out of my way to prevent the whole gender confusion thing. Honestly, though, from what I've heard, you're still bound to get that anyway, despite the gigantic bows. Poor bald baby girls. They are so adorable all on their own.

*Cell phones- I have one, sort of. It's so old they probably don't even manufacture the model anymore and it's pre-paid, so I only put minutes on it once in a blue moon, like if I'm going on a trip or something. I can appreciate the convenience of having one, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I hate being sent random text messages or receiving calls from people wanting to know what I'm doing when I'm out. I hate trying to have a conversation with someone who is texting or playing one of a million apps on their phone and only half listening to what I'm saying. I hate being cut off on the road with my kids in the car because the other driver was busy talking or texting on their cell phone. I hate seeing 5 year olds walking around with their own cell phones. Seriously... who the heck are they calling? I understand that this is a pretty old fashioned sentiment and probably just me, but *shrugs* It's my blog and I can hate it if I wanna. LOL

I bet this would be a neat blog to turn around too: Things I like, that you probably hate. LOL I bet have way more of those than the other way around.


Tammie said...

im so glad you did this. i think i may have to do it every now and again. it was so much fun.

regular radio: HATE IT. we have satelite in our car. occasionally my husband will take it out and sitck it in the XM boom box and use it at work. because our cd player in our car is broken, this leaves me with no music options except regular radio. i usually end up driving around in silence. id rather hear NOTHING than regular radio.

big bows: hate those too. honestly, i usually just stick with a plain black goody rubber band for my daughter. its not fancy, but its simple and does the trick.

cell phones: i feel the same way and im glad im not the only one. i didnt have one until we moved and that was mainly so we'd be able to call jays boss from the road, make hotel reservations, etc.. i hardly ever use mine as most people do. we never got 'regular' phone service so i mainly use mine as a home phone. in fact, most times when i leave the house, i dont even bring it unless my kids are home alone. why should i bring my phone to target? i dont want to talk on the phone in target!!!

my son has a phone, but mainly because it was super cheap to add him to our plan and he is getting to the age where he wants to go off on his own sometimes at the mall or whatever, and i want to be able to reach him. otherwise, he wouldnt have one because he hardly talks to anyone other than me or his dad.

so yeah, i was basically a total comment hog to tell you i agree with you. i honestly believe that most people do not need a cell phone most of the time. most cell phone conversations that i overhear in public places are NOT emergencies.

Daphne said...

I agree: I think I'd have more in the "Things I Like, Which You Probably Hate" column too!

I have to say that I must disagree with you on Buffy. I was a Buffy latecomer, but it just blew me away with its epic mythology and deep emotional exploration. You have to get past the first 1/2 season and then it's freaking amazing. But I know I sound like I've drunk the Kook-Aid... but still. I admit it, I love Buffy. It's camp, but it's operatic Joseph-Campbell scale camp. :)

Theresa said...

Daphne- OH NOES!!! NOT THE BUFFY KOOL-AID!! *laughs* I forgive for liking Buffy, I promise I can look past it!

Tammie- Older kids are one thing with the phones, especially when they are the age that they are going out on their own... it's the wee ones that really bother me.

Daphne said...

It's my secret plan to convert everyone to over to Buffy-world. Try it... you'll like it... :)

Phones: I resisted and resisted, but finally got one after a few too many work mishaps that could have easily been solved by having a cell phone. But I don't use it all that often, although I keep it with me all the time in case Terri needs me. The only person I ever talk to on it is my best friend, but she is a chatter so it's usually just me nodding my head. :)