Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They Are Growing up SO FAST

This past Sunday, at 3 in the afternoon, my "little" sister graduated from college with her Bachelors in Psychology.

I am constantly amazed by how far in life my siblings have come. It is easy to remember us all as children playing, arguing over this or that, competing for conversation around the dinner table... and yet it is always shocking to stumble across the adult moments. To know that one or the other might not be there for dinner because they have... a ... job, responsibilities, a sick child. The conversations that now revolve around interviews, house renovations, kindergarten registrations still kind of take me by surprise, and I have to remind myself of my age. Yet even in the midst of all of our "grown up" doings, there are moments...

when we are all gathered around the dinner table, when we all remember what it was like growing up. This often leads to recounting all of our favorite embarrassing stories about one another and lots and lots of laughter.

That's me in the purple, and see the young man standing next to me? Yeah, that's my "Baby" brother, who in just a few short days will be graduating from high school, and thanks to dual enrollment, also with his AA degree in aero-technology. Next to him is the college grad, and then my Momma with my (hopefully soon to be, and lets face it, I treat her as such) niece, Haylee. My older sister is missing from this picture because she had to get my other niece home, and my Papa is taking the picture because he is opposed to his image being shared on the internet. *Laughs* Old fashioned and paranoid as always, but we love him still.
Everyday, my entire family is growing by leaps and bounds and I struggle to see and remember it all, while still enjoying each passing moment. It sounds so cliche', but it seems like just yesterday I was arguing with the new college grad through the bathroom door about how long I was taking in the shower. Hrm... wonder what sort of psycho-analysis she could apply to that memory? *laughs*

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Aleta said...

Isn't it strange how time goes by quickly as we get older. Whereas, when we were little, summer seemed to last a lifetime (which was great back then, Lol)...

Great family pictures!