Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Big Post of Awesome Randomness

*Sometime back I noticed that on days that I got up and about before the kiddos wake up, that I have much more productive days, and I even tend towards more patience. I dunno, but I thought it was worth working with so I set myself a goal for this past week that I would get up at the same time every morning, before the kids started stirring about. So far, I've managed to stick to it. I don't necessarily set the alarm, but my internal clock seems to be set pretty well. I don't make excuses or do the five more minutes deal. When I wake, I get up; so I've been getting up between 7:30 and 8 am every morning since Sunday. (Yep, I even got up early on Momma's Day). This gives me anywhere from 15-30 minutes ALL TO MYSELF in the mornings, which I've been spending enjoying my breakfast or a bit of reading or checking my facebook... whatever. It's just my time. Once the kids wake up, it's all systems GO. I do their breakfast, get them both dressed for the day and then while they play I clean up the breakfast mess and start on my stuff for the day. I.E: A load or two of laundry, or vacuuming or whatever. It's been working out amazingly so far, so I'm thinking I'll try to stick with it.

*This morning the phone was ringing off the hook and in a matter of 30 minutes, my entire day got rearranged. First the dentist's office called to reschedule Nadi-B's appoint for a month from now since apparently the dentist will be on vacation or something. Then the hospital called and said they needed the ultrasound techs and stuff to do an emergency biopsy this morning and rescheduled my ultrasound for tomorrow afternoon. Almost immediately afterwards, my Momma called to chat and invite me out to lunch with she and my older sister in honor of a belated "mother's day" thing. Also, she offered to get me a pair of Yellow Box for my M-day gift. Awww! Yay! I love flip flops. So I'm supposed to meet them around noon-ish. It's pretty nice because if they hadn't rescheduled my ultrasound, I might not have been able to meet up with them.

*The rearranging of my schedule for today, coupled with my getting up earlier opened up a HUGE chunk of time this morning, so I decided to work on the little weed flower bed next to the house. The front two need a lot of work too, but my lady friend is supposed to come help me with those this afternoon. I wanted an herb bed, so I had bought a few plants last week that were waiting to be put in the ground. I got out there and with Nadi-B and Tim's help we got it in pretty good shape. We dug up some sort of flower that I planted from bulbs about this time last year.... and I um... can't remember what they are.. but anyhow, I'm transplanting them to the bird bath circle in the back yard and if they bloom I'll let you know what they are. Then we weeded out the bed really well. I was surprised that under the weeds was one of the lavender plants I had put in the ground last year. The lemon balm came back too. Wow! I put in two rosemary plants, 3 basil sprouts, and a bunch of sweet mint.

Here is the finished Herb Bed. Here's hoping that I remember to water everything and all the plants pull through.

Here is that resilient little lavender plant that somehow survived the freak snow we had and then all the weeds. He's my favorite.

Now, I'm about to go get ready for my little afternoon with Momma and my older sister. This has been a post of random randomness!


Daphne said...

Wow, the herb garden looks great!!

Your blog looks awfully cute right now too. I have to scroll back to see what program you are using to make it so adorable.

Theresa said...

Thanks! I'm using and this layout was made using a free digital scrap pack from shabby princess!