Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Lena Ultrasound Update and Pics

Today was my second follow up ultrasound after the incident we had a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I don't really have that much to report. I ended up having a different ultrasound tech today, rather than the lady who did my initial one, the one immediately after the tear, and the last follow up one. The lady who did today's US was really nice but didn't have any of the background info. I explained to her what had happened and why I was having so many of them done and so forth, but since she didn't have the report or print outs from the previous two US's, she couldn't tell me anything about how things were looking healing wise. So I'll just have to wait to get that info from Dr. B at my next visit... but I'm thinking I'll probably call him on Monday and ask instead of waiting until the next appointment.

Even though I didn't get much info on the torn area, I did get more information on the baby. She is growing accordingly with my expected due date and has been moving ALL OVER THE PLACE. Last night she actually kicked my belly enough that Tim could see my tummy move just sitting next to me on the couch! It's always exciting when it gets to this point in the pregnancy. She is still lying "transverse" (there's some fancy schmancy ultrasound lingo I picked up today), with her head over on the left side and her feet drawn up on the right side. Her little legs and feet are all curled up like a little pretzel, so we had a hard time getting to see anything. At the last ultrasound the tech told us that she "looked like a girl" but wasn't 100% sure, so we poked around her some more today hoping for a better look. She was not very good about cooperating, but the tech was determined and just before we finished up, she got the money shot.

See? I circled the little area. Those three little white lines are the tell tale signs of a little girl! If she was a boy you'd be looking at a little turtle. LOL I love that the US techs call it that. If I compare this pick to the one of Calvin's... uh... "turtle" you can definitely tell that she is 100% girl. Thank goodness because I was starting to get worried we'd never find out for sure and then I'd end up leaving the hospital with "baby boy _____" because I hadn't come up with any boy names. LOL

Also, even though she has been mainly facing "posterior" (some more US lingo), or towards my back, she turned around today and we got an excellent shot of her little face.
All in all, our little Lena is doing really well. Growing. Moving. Right on schedule, so we are of course VERY thankful for that. Hopefully I'll have more info on the tear soon. Dr. B is still hoping that as she and the placenta grow that the torn area will begin to reattach itself, so we don't have any further incidents later on. I guess until delivery or until he sees what he's looking for in the ultrasounds I will continue having them once a month. I will be just far enough along for the 4D in time for the next round! I can't wait!


Nancy Cain said...

Well congrats on the new baby...and thank goodness the tear was caught...mine ended up with badness and I am glad that you aren't going through the same thing. I think Lena is a gorgeous name for a little girl, and I hope everything goes fantastic with this pregnancy!!! *hugs*

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

Thanks, hun! I'm gonna email you on facebook instead of chatting it up here. LOL

Tammie said...

glad things are going along well!