Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning the Craft Room:

Hey, remember that room I kept throwing all the junk in and closing the door on? You know... the one that is supposed to be my "craft" room. The room that NEVER gets cleaned when I'm scouring my house for company and to ease my OCD. Well...... I am kind of ashamed to show this to you guys.... but....

Oh... my.... um... I have no excuse...

Why is there a GUITAR... in my craft room???

It has gotten to the level of scary beyond all reason. For WEEKS (okay, okay.. months) I've been avoiding this mess, but I finally got a touch of spring cleaning fever today and decided to tackle the big messy craft (junk) room.

After an hour, I recruited the hubby for back up due to becoming quickly overwhelmed and on the verge of possible meltdown mode. We spent the ENTIRE day in there sorting, tossing, organizing, moving, rearranging, folding, ignoring the pleas from our hungry kids (not really, sheesh... some people have no sense of humor). It was just, in a word, EXHAUSTING.

BUT, we got it DONE. It is clean! You can see the floor! Things have PLACES and they are in them!

There is even room for more! Although... Tim has told me that if I so much as venture in the direction of the craft or school supply section he will remove my arms.... so... not much hope of that happening in the future.

Anyway, while we were sorting (digging) through the mess, I found a lot of really interesting stuff, like high school artwork from both me and Tim. I might post a blog about a few of the things we found with pictures tomorrow, but for now I'm going to go devour my dinner and then veg out on the couch for the rest of the night.... or maybe just go sit in my craft room and just look at it. *sigh*


Tammie said...

oh my word! the transformation is incredible!!

well done.

Karen said...

I need to know what's going on with the blue shopping bags. I'm in need of some ideas for my sewing area (a sad corner of my tiny kitchen) and I'm wondering if some kind of hanging bag system might be the solution... Do share.

It's Me, Theresa said...

Tammie- Thanks! I can actually sew in there now!

Karen- I used the shopping bags to help me organize all of the fabric scraps and ribbon and stuff that were splayed all over the floor. One has ribbon, trim, and elastic. One has small scraps. And the last one has large scraps that could be cut into things like quilt squares or even used for things like crayon rolls and that sort of thing.

It actually turned out really well, because the bags were plenty big enough and still have room for more scraps and things. And they are right in front of the sewing machine now too, so I can keep my table clear. I just used simple little screw in coffe cup hooks to hang the bags (which were a dollar a piece)