Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It was a Possum.. Bear... car engine... thing......

One of the things me and the hubby really enjoy doing together is watching Monster Quest on the history channel. For the unaware, this is a show that investigates things like Big Foot sightings and the chupacabra, lochness, and other various "monsters" that are reported across the US and other countries.

Now, when it comes to this sort of thing, I have a kind of open policy. I've never seen one, but I don't think every person who ever has is some loony tuney psychopath either. They may or may not have found any physical proof, but circumstantial evidence is enough for me to admit that it is entirely plausible that some of these things could exist(hello, I'm from the department of redundancy department)... and I'm not going to just stick my fingers in my ears and scream LaLaLa's and insist it isn't true.

My favorite part about Monster Quest are the hardcore "expert" skeptics that they interview. These people crack me up... mostly because they end up sounding like more of a loony tune than the people who experienced the sightings. Take for example, a man I like to call, Hunter Bill. Hunter Bill has lived in this area his ENTIRE life. His grandfather lived in this area HIS entire life. Hunter Bill grew up roaming in the local woods, hunting the local wildlife. But shoot if he don't know a deer from a giant ape! It's okay, Hunter Bill. It was probably just a bear. Goodness knows in all your years of living on this land that you've probably NEVER seen one of those before... and could you move a little to the left...we don't want the viewers to see that bear rug in the corner there.. and can we remove the deer heads from the wall for this shot? We want to make you look like a moron.

Tonight's episode was on the sightings of a green lizard type monster in West Virginia. Now okay, don't get me wrong... the descriptions of this monster are WAY out there. Supposedly, it looks a little something like the guy on the left here (In fact, this picture was featured on the show), and he/it supposedly emits a foul and toxic gas. Some reports indicate (according to monsterquest) that a vast majority of the people who saw it have developed lung and throat cancers.

Okay, now LOOK at it. I know, it's really far fetched UFO looking, right? And I will admit.. I find it hard to believe such a thing exists. HOWEVER, the skeptic they interviewed, who apparently writes for "LaLALA LA WE WON'T BELIEVE Magazine" actually said ON TV, that probably the people who have seen it were actually seeing a deer or an opossum. That's right. An opossum. Like this:

Now whether or not you believe in the actual existence of the monster... isn't it safe to say that whatever they saw was probably NOT an opossum?! I mean... REALLY?! Cause I've seen one (two actually, they occasionally get into our house, and yeah guess what?, we live in town) and I did not immediately think, "ARG! It's a Half alien, lizard, man, tank engine!!!!!"

His (the skeptic's) other theory is that people see what they EXPECT to see. So if they've hyped themselves all up for say, a bear, then they will see a bear. Right......because when I'm scared I immediately expect to see a part alien/lizard/man wearing a trash can and floating around emitting toxic gasses ALL THE TIME! Don't you?! I mean surely that theory would mean that opossums were being mistaken for like serial killers and Jason and that kind of thing right? Right?


Not Hannah said...

As a person chased through the woods by an invisible howling thing, I tend to fall on the side of, "Well, prove it DOESN'T exist." I had to watch that show for work a couple of times and it was a little freaky occasionally. I didn't like the tone of overblown drama, myself, and always wondered exactly who was being made fun of.

Tammie said...

ha. you crack me up.

this whole post made getting out of bed worth it.

and i tend to agree with you. i consider myself pretty logical, so my first inclination is to think that weird stuff isnt out there. but im also open to the idea that we as humans dont know everything.

and if i saw that half alien/robot thing id be scared out of my mind.

Linds said...


Daphne said...

So funny. One of my dark not-so-secrets is that I love shows like this, and am a hardcore Ghost Hunters addict. I live near Bigfoot country, so... who knows? Who's to say? It's fun and fascinating at worst.

Aleta said...

My husband likes the show too. Me, ehhhhh... kind of freaks me out. My hubby says, "There's an awful lot of space out there. You can't believe we're "alone" and there aren't other beings." Yes, he believes that aliens have visited earth. Me - let me stick my head in the sand and not think about it, because, yes, it makes sense and yes, it scares me!

It's Me, Theresa said...

Aleta- The idea of aliens scares me far more than the though of Big Foot, so you are so not alone.

NotHannah- I feel the same way. I hate how the critics the show interviews try to make it out like everyone who has ever had an experience with an unknown creature/species is seeing things or dying for attention. What kind of job did you use to do that you got to watch TV for work?

Tammie- I don't think I'd even be able to scream if I came across something like that creature. I'd probably throw up or something.

Daphne- I never watched Ghost Hunters, but I love discovery channel's 'A Haunting'

pink and green mama said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm so excited to hear about the colored sand!! We tried to color our own last year and failed miserably. If I wasn't stuck at home with sick kids and sick hubby I'd be out the door right now to our Walmart to go look for some!! Thanks so much for the tip.

Good luck with the impending princess party!

pink and green mama