Monday, March 29, 2010

Laying Around: Harder than it Looks

If you've never been on bed rest... let me just tell you: It. Is. HARD. You would think that laying around all day and doing as little as possible would be the easiest thing ever. You would be WRONG.

I am so frustrated. I hate hearing the baby fussing from the other room and knowing that I can't get up and respond. I hate that I have to call someone in from the other room to bend over and take a piece of paper out of his mouth, or fix Nadi-B a snack... or all the other zillion little things I'm used to doing without thinking.

Don't get me wrong... having other people offer to do my laundry and my dishes is pretty damn awesome, but having to ask someone else to get me a drink of water or a glass of tea is nearly impossible.

Confession: I sent my baby sitter sister to the store for a can of tomatoes today just so I could sneak into the kitchen and fix my own drink. I can't seem to get over having to ask for help for something so trivial.

If you've ever been through it, I'm sure you can relate. Maybe it's easier if you don't already have other children. Anyone? But having other babies and not being able to be Momma really bites. I hate sitting in the bedroom and not being able to see what they are doing in the other room with whatever wonderful, beautiful person has volunteered to help for the day.

Is it still bed rest if I relocate to the couch? I mean.. as long as I'm still in a lying down position?


Daphne said...

Terri can sympathize! Of course, she can get up if she wants, but she's spending up to 20 hours a day in bed right now. Sucks. Hugs and sympathies to you. Hope you have lots of craft projects and books!

Wiregrass Catholic Mom said...

Theresa, this blog
is a mom who was on bed rest with her ninth. So she's probably a little too old for you. LOL Anyway. She was on bedrest last fall and blogged about it - not a totally similar situation as she had older kids to help, but... It's a long blog, she's been at it for several years.
Love you! Prayers for you and yours.

Karen said...

Ah yes, I remember feeling like a criminal when I made myself oatmeal. Good times.