Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bed Rest Update

This morning my doctor's office called to schedule my next sonogram. It was originally going to be in about a week, but Dr. Bowen thinks that is too soon to expect to see any change, so has decided to put it off until the 15th of April. So... in about 2 more weeks.

In the meantime I am to limit my activity as much as possible. I can still get up to go to the bathroom and to shower. I am also now allowed to get up and walk around the house a bit if I need to, BUT: No strenuous activity, no chores, no cleaning, no bending, no lifting, no picking up either of the babies, etc. Basically, he said that the less activity the better off I'll be. At least now I can get up to fix my own drink without sneaking around, though, so that is a plus.

I used my uh... "leisure" time this morning to make all the appointments that I have been meaning to make. I have the appointment for my sonogram, my appointment for my doctor's visit, an appointment for Nadi-B to get her 5 year old/before school shots, a dentist appointment for me, and a dentist appointment for Nadia. Whoo-hoo. I HATE the dentist. LOATHE the dentist. UGH. Especially when I'm pregnant. Hooray for swollen gums and cranky cleaning ladies.

Seriously... what is up with those teeth cleaning ladies?! Is it just my area, or are they judgemental and cranky everywhere? Anyway, it will be B's first check-up with the dentist and she is actually kind of excited about them "scraping the barnacles off her teeth." WHERE she gets this stuff, I have no idea.

In other news, B's birthday party went off very well on Sunday and as soon as I get the rest of the pictures that were taken by various family members, I will post a blog on it.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting. I don't know what it is yet. I guess it depends on how much of it actually gets finished. Nothing fancy though, just row after row of mindless single stitches. Could be a scarf.... or if I'm really ambitious, a blanket.... or if I never do much more with it... a really long bookmark.


Daphne said...

You sound like your spirits are keeping relatively good... I know what you mean about the dental hygienists... I finally found a good one (nice, gentle, not intent on tearing up my gums) and I have stuck to her like... well, a barnacle.

Tammie said...

ha ha ha! this is too funny. im crocheting right now too. mines kinda ugly though. :)

i hope your bed rest ends up being short. hang in there.

Karen said...

I'm glad your bed rest has gotten slightly less strict. Bully for you, using your time to make appointments. (Instead of crying and reading japanese craft books, like I did.)