Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where I'm At:

Since my post about finding out I was pregnant (my 100th blog post btw!) is still getting comments, I thought I would post an update on where I'm at mentally and emotionally.

I had my first doctor's visit this morning and I can now say for sure that I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The initial shock of being pregnant again so soon is fast beginning to wear off. No more whining and least not for the time being. I'm not making any promises that I won't have some break downs in the future. But for now, I'm mostly feeling okay. That's if you take away the sudden onslaught of nausea and IBS (ew... did I just say that on the internet?).

We are starting to get excited around here about the new little one. Our families have been told. We've broken the news to our friends. I'm glad to say that largely we've been met with excitement and happy surprise. None of the ugly hurtful judgmental kind of surprise yet. We've told Ya-ya and the baby. Ya-Ya is considerably more excited than the baby, but this is largely due to the baby's not understanding what we are saying yet. Ya-ya insists that this is the baby sister she has been wishing for and refuses to hear otherwise. Whenever we ask her what she would think of another brother, she looks at us like we're nuts and then goes off on a tangent about how she and her baby sister will share a room and will have bunk beds and how she'll get to sleep on the top of course because she is the oldest, and so forth and so on. She also seems to think that we will be naming the new baby something along the lines of "Princess Rainbow Colored Unicorn." Yeah... keep dreaming kid.

I have decided that the more organized and prepared I feel I am, the more sanity I will be able to hold onto. I have dived right into my "preparing." So far, we've moved the rest of my sister-in-law's things out of the back bedroom. Since this is the bigger of the two kids' rooms, it is going to become the nursery. My older sister has offered us her crib, so we will put both in the bigger room and I'm going to put my Papa and my father-in-law on watch duty for a couple of chest-of-drawers. For now, Ya-Ya will stay in the smaller front bedroom. If the baby is a boy, then the back room will be shared by the two babies. If the baby is a girl, then when she is older, we will put the girls in the back room and Calvin in the little room. But for now, the nursery it will become.

Tim's grandmother is passing along a bigger dining room table. The table is the same style as the one I currently have, but it's a bit bigger and it comes with one bench. Perfect! The old dining table is going into the new sewing/craft room (remember the closet sized room I spoke of earlier that we keep throwing random junk in? yeah... that room) to act as a sewing table. Today I bought a few new bookshelves from hellmart ($25 dollars?! it's kind of a shame that you can't really beat that) which will help with cleaning out and organizing the craft room. They will go in the bottom room that is basically a converted garage that we have used to store random junk in since we've moved here. (are you sensing a pattern here?) We are making huge progress on making that room of our house an actual... well.. ROOM. It now houses the computer desk, the piano, and three new book shelves which will soon be home to all of the books flying around the house.

Ahh... organization. How it calms me! How it gives me confidence and sweet sanity! In other news my tiny 1994 Nissan sentra has finally given out completely. It's been a long time coming I'm afraid with the car barely hanging on for dear life. Somehow it's managed to keep trudging along, but on Sunday it just finally gave it's last breath. We can't jump it off, we can't start it at all. It just sits there like, "No! No! I can't go on another mile!!! Go on without me!!!" I'm afraid that even if we managed to fix it, there isn't any way that I'm going to finagle two car seats and a booster seat into it. Or Tim's car for that matter which can only very uncomfortably fit one car seat, one booster and two adults in it. I haven't quite figured out what we are going to end up doing about the car situation yet. Anybody want to donate a van?! No? ... Ah well, just checking. It never hurts to ask.

At any rate, both mentally and emotionally I'm doing much better now. I am kind of feeling like, "Ok,.... I can do this. I really can." This, as your comments have shown me, is not exactly uncharted territory. Many women have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. I also am very relieved that whatever infertility problem I had while trying to get pregnant with Calvin is obviously gone now. This has been pointed out to me by a number of people including one of the nurses who also pointed out that "Well, at least I make pretty babies!" And you know, she's right. Babies are beautiful and as I sit and cuddle on the couch with Calvin I think... yeah... I could definitely get some more of this going on.

Thank you a million times by the way for all of the comments and support. I kind of didn't expect so much feedback, but it's nice to know that when I'm here typing away that there are people who are actually reading it.


Karen said...

I totally hear you on organization as therapy. I'm so glad you're feeling good.

I drive a tiny volkswagen and we fit three car seats in the back. Let me know if you need info/advice on how to pack all the kids into Tim's car.

Tammie said...

im so glad you're in a better place. youve been in my thoughts.

Heather B said...

I know you're looking for a van to be donated, but just so you are aware, there is a fairly cheap priced van at the car lot out by pic n save. Call me if you need anything, even just an ear to vent to :D Love you!!

Lindsay said...

Well, as long as you're okay :) I, for one, am happy for you! I know its probably a shock to have another so soon, but who knows maybe it'll be alot easier than you thought. I love ya and wish you all of the best..Keep me posted on what happens <3