Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just a Few Things: UPDATED

* It turns out my car isn't broken after all. It has simply developed a new quirk. The solution? Apparently you have to put it in neutral to start it. Hoo-rah for old quirky vehicles!

* All three bookcases are now up and stacked with books. I have about one shelf open and for some reason this has encouraged Tim and I to buy a few new books. I anticipate we might need another bookcase sooner than later. But the bottom room is looking great and it's possible that in a few more days I might feel the need to take some pictures.

* We got Tim's W-2 today. YAY! *dances*

* We had drop in company today. Let me take a moment to explain that while I will say, "Come visit me anytime!" I in all honesty hate drop in company. What I mean is "Please call me at least 1 hour in advance of visiting so I can clean up the cardboard boxes and remnants from putting up my new bookshelves, wipe down the counters, put away all the jackets and shoes, and vacuum up what is apparently an entire can of pringles crushed into the carpet! Please, Please do not call me when you are five minutes down the road and ask to come visit and give my poor little OCD heart a serious flip-flop. Please believe me when I say it's bad time and don't decide to come on over anyway." All of this especially applies if you are Tim's grandparents... which they were. GREAT.

* On the other hand, my "new" slightly bigger dining room table will be here in about an hour courtesy of said grandparents. That combined with how much I actually got done in that 5 minute power clean that I don't have to do now I GUESS excuses them.

* My computer hates facebook. Does anybody else's computer hate facebook? Every time I try to go over there my internet browser repeatedly refreshes the page. It only does it on facebook.

* Went to see Avatar in 3D. It's a bad idea to see a movie like Avatar in 3D in the first trimester of pregnancy. I got motion sickness. I was sick all the way home. Pooh.


Tammie said...

my computer doesnt hate facebook, but they arent that friendly. sometimes it wont load certain pages. i always blamed it on facebook.

yay for w-2's!!! jay just did our taxes too.

i hate drop in company. hate it.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Tammie- isn't doing your taxes great? I'm so excited.

And drop in company is the pits. Seriously

Barb "e" said...

I am way happy for the w-2 LOL!