Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Things

Here are a few random things that I've decided on in the last few days:

1. I'm going to cloth diaper. Part of our income tax return is going to be invested in a few different types of cloth diapers for us to try with Calvin. Once I decide what works for us, I will begin working on building a stash for both him and the new baby. I've also decided that rather than doing any sort of baby shower, when people ask what we need, I'm going to stick to diapers. We don't really need any cribs or bouncy seats or strollers or clothes or for goodness sakes BLANKETS. Okay? We GOT blankets!

2. I'm not going to do the midwife. After a really long talk with my best friend (who I would like to point out had a midwife for all three of her children) I have just decided that I'm going to stay where I am already comfortable, rather than trying to adjust all over again to a new regime and a new person. No, I didn't like the ultrasound tech, but she isn't in any way affiliated with my doctor, who I really happen to like and am comfortable with. He already delivered Calvin for me, and he was WONDERFUL throughout the entire pregnancy. He gave me his home number in case I wanted to ask him things when he wasn't at work. He never acted like I was over-reacting when I had questions. He never forced or even voiced his opinions on me. When I first sat down to meet him he explained that since I had already had one baby more than he ever did that we would do things my way. If I want no drugs, then we do no drugs and vice versa. If I want to wait for the baby, then we wait for the baby. If I want to induce, then we induce. Basically, I call the shots and he does what I decide is best for me. So I'm just going to continue seeing him for this pregnancy too.

3. I want to name the baby Stella if it should be a girl. And yes, I will find out. We always opt to know ahead of time. I haven't had any luck deciding on a boy name yet. I like slightly older more classic names, but I also don't like to necessarily go with what's on the top of the popular baby names list either. Plus, I think Stella fits in nicely with Nadia and Calvin. Still totally out on the boy names though. Feel Free to suggest.


Karen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Stella. It was on my list of girl names but my husband vetoed it (along with Eleanor, another favorite of mine). If I ever have another boy my husband wants to name him Dashiell or Archer. Don't know about that.

Do not even get me started about the blankets. I asked for Target gift cards this pregnancy, and what did I get? Matching boy and girl baby blankets. Personalized, so i can't even regift.

Nowheymama said...

Ooh! Send your story to Swistle at her Swistle Baby Names site. She gives advice and other people comment.

Beck said...

Stella's adorable!
I had a midwife for my 2nd pregnancy and when everything suddenly went high-risk at 5 months, she DUMPED me. NICE!

Daphne said...

I love Stella for a girl name. "My" boy name has been Spencer for awhile.

Aleta said...

Stella ~ that's pretty and very classic! Cool!

I had to laugh about the blankets comment. Hehe. Women love to make baby blankets. I think that's funny!

It's Me, Theresa said...

Aleta- they really, really do. I have so many blankets it's ridiculous. Nadia is now 4 and she STILL gets blankets from people. She got 3 this christmas! I must have gotten about 7 handmade blankets for the baby shower for Calvin. And seriously... I live alabama... it never gets THAT cold! LOL

It's Me, Theresa said...

I'm so thankful for all of the positive reviews on the baby name too. Now we just have to hope for a girl! LOL

Barb "e" said...

I am so glad you are staying were you feel comfortable. Babies and labor is such a wonderful experience you should be comfortable.