Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's raining outside today. All. Day. It's not an exciting rain like a thunderstorm or a down pour. It's not a comforting rain like warm summer rain. It's just a never ending, dreary gray rain that would put any chipper person in a blue kind of mood. Ha.... I feel kind of like the anti-post to Tammie's "It makes me smile" post the other day. Here are a few things that are kinda bumming me out:

* Remember the table I was supposed to inherit from Tim's grandparents? Well his Dad never brought it over because apparently it's been stored in the basement for the last some odd years and has been soaking up water. Lots of water. It's covered in mold and old paint, which are two things that are not good for serving food to babies on. So..... no table for the time being. What a bummer, though not really very much of a shock. Tim's grandma likes to give me broken things. I haven't figured out if it's meant as an insult.... if she just doesn't realize.... or if she has tremendous faith in my ability to make things over and make em work. It's a mystery... the woman's a few nuts short of a fruit cake, so who knows?

* Mom came this morning and took Ya-Ya for the day. She was keeping my niece as well and thought she might as well have them both. I should be grateful and excited to have this little bit of downtime, but honestly a house without Ya-Ya in it is a very quiet house indeed. Especially on a day like today when it could use a little bit of "larger than life" energy.

* The direct deposit from the IRS didn't come today either. Pooh. I hate waiting! It stinks.

I was really sure that there was way more than that bothering me today. *laughs* Oh well, maybe I'm not as bummed as I feel and I just need to get moving. Just kind of counteract my above doom and gloom, here are a few things that make me smile:

* Calvins big toothless grin. He smiles with his whole body. When he sees you and you talk to him he gets so excited that he balls his fists up, squinches up his arms and legs and then SMILES and pushes all his limbs out. Like a happy baby explosion. If he's not careful he's going to pop a blood vessel.

* Remember a few years ago with those little ceramic pots became popular? They each had a little clay label on the front that said like "Rainy Day Money" and such? Somewhere, I don't remember where, I found this one. I love it. It makes me smile to see it and to see other people's reactions when they read it.

I hate telephone solicitors. We have more than our fair share of problems with them because apparently our phone number used to belong to a business so we get THEIR solicitous phone calls too.

* One more thing for today that makes me smile. Organization! I LOVE organization. Now that the bottom room has all the book shelves in it and it's all organized, and all of my little plants have homes...this is my favorite room in the house. Sometimes I walk in here just to look at it. I drill other people who walk in there to see what they think of it. It makes me feel so accomplished! (yeah... i know... I'm a WEIRDO)


Aleta said...

I Love Organization Too! If the house is in order (and I'm taking about closets, under the bed, in the corners, etc) then I'm a happy camper. There's something about organization that makes for a happy decluttered home :)

I love the jar, that's hilarious!!

And you did have me laughing about how she gives you broken things and you don't know why. I'm just sorry you didn't get a table.

Barb "e" said...

I am glad you found something to make you grin!