Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Things:

I am not really enjoying my new book. So far, about 40 pages into it and I'm finding it difficult to remain interested. In fact today, I picked up my issue of Prevention fitness magazine instead of this book. Pretty bad that I'd rather read disheartening fitness news than a book that is supposed to be a thriller. Maybe it will get more interesting soon.

While reading through the Prevention magazine I came across a sample of their book 400 Calorie Fix, which is a diet plan that they created. The idea is that you eat 4 400 calorie meals per day. I'm pretty interested in this and am seriously considering buying the book. Some of the examples they presented for the snacks included 5 Oreo cookies and milk, and popcorn and beer. Not that I eat junk like that all the time, but the fact that I could eat those things and still truthfully claim, "I'm on a diet!" is pretty awesome. I haven't exactly officially stated weight loss as a resolution, but that's mostly because it's more or less an ongoing thing for me. While I haven't had a significant set back, I have gained back about 10 pounds over the last three or four months. So I definitely need to get myself back on track. So yeah... seriously thinking of springing the 30 bucks for the book.

Finally unpacked my new sewing machine today. Ya-Ya started back at preschool this morning and was kind of upset that she didn't have any momma made goodies that she could wear today. Everything I've made for her up to this point has been holiday themed. As well as hoping to tackle a few outfits for her in the next couple of weeks, I really want to make one of those nifty patchwork bath mats everyone has been turning out lately. I also want to make me a couple of scarves for my upcoming trip to Michigan.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to Michigan?! In FEBRUARY?! My BEST friend, my kindred spirit... my soul twin lives in Michigan. We met, as crazy as it sounds, on a myspace group forum 3 years ago. We started out exchanging emails, then chatting, and then just said to heck with it and started talking on the phone. It's kind of nifty in that as we've gotten to know each other we've discovered astounding similarities in our lives like those stories you hear about twins that were separated at birth including: Both having a daughter named Nadia, having almost the EXACT same, handmade wedding dress, picking out the same pair of glasses, and other various little things that just pop up. Our families thought we were crazy at first for striking up such a close friendship essentially over the internet... but now they just kind of accept it. I mean, in this world of internet dating and match making websites, making a friend that way really isn't all that strange. She ended up coming down here for my baby shower in July, which is the first time we ever met in person. And in february, I'm going up to Michigan to visit her and meet her family. I'm so excited..... except for the whole it's CRAZY FREEZING up there! I don't even know what to pack because my "winter" gear consists of one light jacket, a hoodie, and a couple of light sweaters. That's pretty much all we need down here.

That about sums up the random things that are on my mind at the moment. Oh yeah... if you look over to the right and bottom of my blog you'll see my new spiffy shelfari book shelf. I'll be adding books as I read them for this year as a way to keep track of what I'm reading. I have another one that has all the books I own and have read in the past on there too but, I started a new one for this year. Right now, of course, it only has like 2 books on there, but it should be more interesting to look at further on in the year.


Daphne said...

How fun!! So glad you are going to see your friend!

Tammie said...

i think your trip sounds awesome.

its weird because when the internet first started gaining popularity i couldnt imagine making friends via the computer. now, most of my friendships are made that way.