Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Another Monday Morning

Yeah... whatever. This monday morning was like the monday from Hell. For those of you keeping track, today was Nadia's first day of kindergarten preview/summer camp stuff and we had to get up early for her to catch the bus for the very first time! We were so excited that none of us slept at all last night! No, seriously. Nadia was up and down all night. The baby was up and down all night. So of course, was I, taking care of the kiddos. Tim was on night shifts, so he was up and working all night.

Nonetheless, we got up on time and things started out pretty well. Nadia was dressed with shoes tied and hair fixed in no time, and then insisted on waiting outside for the bus for the next 30 minutes. This was fine, as the baby was still sleeping (finally) in his crib. We headed outside and after about 5 minutes, I sent Nadia inside to get the camera so I could take some pics of her getting on the bus. On her way back out, she LOCKED. THE. DOOR. She locked it, with me outside, with the baby inside still in his crib. We have no hide-a-key because the first year we lived here we came home while someone was in the process of robbing us. For the same reason, we keep all the windows and doors locked up tight. Especially when Tim is on night shifts. So I had no way in and no phone.

I tried not to let my panic show because I really didn't want to ruin her big day by taking out my frustrations on her for an honest mistake. We all do it. It's a force of habit, but inside: I was FREAKING OUT. I set Nadia up on the front steps to wait for the bus and instructed her not to move and to yell for me if the bus should come while I was looking for a way in.

In the process of trying to open one of the firmly locked windows, I then, being a clumsy woman at the best of times, sliced open my hand, just on the back of my thumb. Not just a little slice, mind you, but a BIG ONE. So, now, I'm locked out of the house, the baby is locked in the house, Tim is still at least an hour and half out at work, I have no phone, and my hand is literally pouring blood down my shirt.

Allow me to pause and mention that Nadia FREAKS out and has hysterical fits over TINY paper cuts that look even the least bit red. If she spills so much as a spec of blood she is over the top and sobbing. Combine that with her having been VERY mommy clingy ever since the whole ER trip for the baby several months ago, and I knew that if she got one look at my hand there was no way I was getting her on that bus.

After saying several swear words and having a bit of a cry, I pulled my self together and started looking for some way to bind up my hand AND cover the blood that was now soaking the front of my shirt. Luckily there was an emergency beach towel still in the trunk of the car, so I wrapped a portion of it around my hand and started applying pressure. I used the rest of the towel to cover my shirt. She knew I had a "boo-boo" but since she couldn't see it, she was okay.

I kept my smiling brave face on until she was safely on the bus. As it turned to pull away, I saw her little face looking out at me from the window, just ever so concerned, and then she waved at me. I gave her a big smile, and waved back, but as soon as the bus was out of sight, I lost it. I'm talking big hiccuping panicked sobs.

After I had calmed down a bit, my across the street neighbor pulled in his driveway. I swallowed all of my pride and walked over to ask if I could maybe use the phone. Bless his heart, he took one look at me, and the mess that I was and even called the hubby FOR ME. I was surprised Tim answered the phone considering he rarely does if he doesn't recognize the number. Since Tim works around a lot of very noisy machinery, all he managed to make out was "wife is locked out. Needs to go to the hospital." My poor neighbor was pretty insistent that I was going to need stitches.

While Tim was panicking and racing home, my neighbor walked back over with me and tried for ten minutes to get into the house. By this time, the baby was awake and playing happily in his crib. When the man got to his windows, he got really excited and started bouncing up and down and shouting "Ba! Ba! BAahhhh!" at him with big two teeth smiles and everything. At least he was ok!

I was exhausted physically and emotionally so when Tim pulled in the driveway, I just came straight inside and cried some more in the bathroom. I cleaned up my hand and changed my clothes while Tim fed the baby breakfast. I called my mom and filled her in and then called my friend Beth and unloaded on her a bit more. After which, I was at least able to find humor in the whole ordeal and get through the rest of my morning.

Thankfully, I didn't end up needing stitches, though it was still a pretty nasty cut. My thumb is all wrapped up with gauze and paper tape, but otherwise in tact. I'm hoping that I didn't totally ruin Nadia's first day at camp and that she was able to forget the whole morning. She has a tendency to mull things over for awhile before reacting, so it's entirely possible that she doesn't get upset about it until later in the day.

I get to pick her up in a couple of hours, so we shall see! Also, Tim called in to work tonight, so at least I can take a much needed nap later on. *sigh* Also on the up side, at least now I can sleep easier while Tim is on night shifts since apparently the only way to get into our house when it's locked up is with a crow-bar or a key!


Tammie said...

oh my this is horrible. i really hope the rest of your day gets better.

on the bright side, at least the babe was in his crib, totally safe and not wandering about the house.

whn my son was about a year old, he got locked in the car when jay took some stuff to Goodwill. this was almost 12 years ago now, we didnt have cell phones, in fact most people didnt. plus we only had one car. so jay asked a kindly looking stranger to go to our house and tell me to walk to goodwill with the spare keys. god that seems like ages ago now. :)

Theresa said...

Yeah, the rest of my day has gone much smoother. Maybe just by comparison, or maybe it just wasn't all that bad. Hard to say! LOL